Games I'll Never Uninstall

Created Mar 26, 2018 by Sir Lagsalot
This is a list of games I will simply never uninstall. It'd feel like I am betraying an old friend, with whom I spent countless hours sharing great memories.
Oh, not enough space on Disc C:\ ? Let's see...
I can remove this "Windows" folder, I guess. But not the game. Not. The. Game.
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    No.Just no.I won't.Yes, I know that I know this game by heart.No, I will not delete.
      "Level 99, here I come" - Lagsalot, June 29, 2000
        - Game, please! I want to finish you!- No, Lagsalot, you can't. You don't have much free time and by the time you get back to playing me, it'll be too late. You won't remember the game plan and will h…
          Okay, you killed the elder dragon. You finished the DLCs. You have a huge mansion and two adopted children. You have the best gear possible. All the quests are done. Why are you still here?Dunno. Don'…
          Stronghold HD screenshot
            - CATAPULTS READY, SIRE- MILORD, YOUR CASTLE IS UNDER ATTACK- MY LIEGE? I could go on and on, remembring all the phrases units say, but I haven't played the game in years. Makes me wonder...
              Astrologists proclaim the week of I AM NEVER DELETING THIS GAME.Population of never deleted games doubles.