Medal of Honor Games, Ranked From Worst to Best

Created Mar 22, 2018 by RAWG Editorial
Among the World War II games the Medal of Honor series is the one of most remarkable. 14 titles, famous people that took part in the development, the great impact on the shooter genre in general - the series, though, had its ups and downs. So let's remember every Medal of Honor game, ranked from the worst to the best.
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Ironically, the worst Medal of Honor game is the last one, released in 2012 with the subtitle Warfighter. The game had unexpectedly poor graphics, a weak story and a confusingly stupid AI, so it gained negative response: average 55 from critics and only 5.4 from users on Metacritic.  The narrative in Warfighter is too difficult to follow: starting in Pakistan, the game throws you into numerous flashbacks where you meet more and more characters. It's just impossible to embrace them all. The multiplayer mode (the thing everybody loves about MoH) could also be done better. To sum up, you can definitely skip this game.
Medal of Honor: Rising Sun (2003) screenshot
Released in 2003, Rising Sun became the fifth game in the series. It was rated as "average" on Metacritic, getting around 65 points for all consoles. Unlike the previous parts Rising Sun is set during the Pacific War and imbued with Asian spirit. The locations here are Manila, Guadalcanal, and Singapore where you need to complete the missions with small forces. Rising Sun starts with the Pearl Harbor surprise attack but this great beginning (and the game story in general) is spoiled by the awkward gameplay and poorly balanced mechanics.
Medal of Honor: European Assault screenshot
Medal of Honor: European Assault, the eighth game in the series, was released in 2005. The PS2 and GameCube versions were highly praised by players but got mixed reviews from professional critics. The worst about the game is the lack of the online multiplayer mode and too short missions. The story for European Assault was written by an Academy Award nominee John Milius who was also responsible for Apocalypse Now and Conan the Barbarian. So the game has a strong base, various locations and nice level design - with quite a controversial graphics though.
Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault screenshot
Pacific Assault was released exclusively for PC in 2004 and received favorable reviews from critics and players. They pointed the exciting action, the amazing soundtrack recorded by a real orchestra and challenging firefights. Greatly inspired by the Pearl Harbor movie, the game has cinematic visuals and hard campaigns that makes Pacific Assault an enjoyable experience. One of the game's features is a small amount of health packs on the locations, so you need to ask for help your squad's corpsman.
Medal of Honor Vanguard was released in 2007 and became the tenth installment in the series. Both critics and users decided it was an average game with some problems, so they ranked Vanguard around 60 and 6 respectively on Metacritic. The game's best part is its visuals that looked really awesome 10 years ago. There are locations from Sicily to Germany and a good balance between day and night fights. However, the controls are not that good and this fact seriously lowers the game's fun.
Medal of Honor Heroes 2 was released in 2007 for PSP and Wii. Users mostly praised the Wii version, pointing out its 32 player multiplayer and massive control customization, though many critics named it soulless compared to the better titles. As a result, both editions got average 70/7 on Metacritic. Heroes 2 is set on the Normandian beaches: the action goes through the lands of Northern France where you are to protect a village from the Nazis. The visuals are stunning and the action is satisfying. Maybe, it will be a good choice for those who've never played other Medal of Honor games but for veterans it'll be nothing new.
Medal of Honor was released in 2010 as a reboot of the series. Unlike the previous games it was set during the War in Afghanistan instead of World War II. The PlayStation 3 version of the game received warm response from critics and players which praised the sound design and the gameplay. However, this reboot wasn't a total success. The campaign was too short, the story itself - controversial and the graphics could be better too, specially in the night missions.
Medal of Honor: Infiltrator screenshot
    Infiltrator was released in 2003 and became the second game for Game Boy Advanced in the series. As Corporal Jake Murphy you need to complete 15 missions in three locations. After finishing the main campaign the Survival Mode and Max GI Mode are unlocked to make the game harder for those who want more suffering. The game got favorable reviews from the community with 80 points from critics on Metacritic. Infiltrator succeeded in two things the series usually did the best - stunning visuals and awesome sound design. Add here a fun mission-based shoot-'em-up and you'll get, surprisingly, a retro arcade that is still nice to play.
    Medal of Honor: Underground screenshot
    Underground is the second installment in the series and a partial prequel to the original Medal of Honor. The game was released for PlayStation in 2000 and then ported to Game Boy Advance. If the PS edition got generally favorable reviews from players and critics (8.9/86), the GBA port was awful and totally anticipated by the community. The story is set in 1940's France, where you are to play as a member of the early French Resistance's member, Manon Batiste. The game is quite realistic both in following the history and programming the AI of the enemies. As a result, Underground provides the great action and an interesting story to tell. However, the GBA version is unplayable and looks like a school project.
    Medal of Honor Heroes was released in 2006 exclusively for PSP. The game received a good response with 71 points from critics and 7.9 points from players on Metacritic. The users called it the best PSP first-person shooter up to the moment, and the critics praised its cinematic gameplay. In this game you can choose of the previous games' characters to complete the campaigns. They take place in Italy, the Netherlands, and in Belgium. The action is faster and one mission can be completed for 20 minutes. Heroes lacks in depth but still stays a good game to try.
    Medal of Honor Airborne screenshot
    Medal of Honor: Airborne became the eleventh installment in the series. It was released in 2007 when the franchise reached a deadlock with some really not the best titles. Airborne wasn't a masterpiece too but it breathed life into the series. The PS3 version got 75 and 7.7 scores on Metacritic. The best thing about Airborne and its innovation is a nonlinear gameplay. You can start campaign from any place on the map (you're an American paratrooper after all) so the missions will vary a lot depending on the starting point. Supported by the good level design and handy controls, this game's found its place among other WWII games. 
    Medal of Honor Frontline was released in 2002. The best reception got its PS2 version - 88 points from critics and 8.5 from users on Metacritic. The game is made with high attention to the details, excellent AI and gorgeous soundtrack. The plot continues the story of the first game but here you need to infiltrate the German frontline to steal the HO-IX flying wing, an experimental Nazi weapon - the campaign is based on real-life events. The first-person view makes you dive into the atmosphere of the game and you really feel like a part of the events. No doubt, Frontline is one of the best Medal of Honor games - for its immersion effect.