Top Games on Sega Dreamcast

Created Sep 11, 2018 by Gorfest
My personal favourites for the anniversary of Sega Dreamcast.
It's been 19 years already, ooof. I was just a wee kid.
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Sonic Adventure 2 (2001) screenshot
Sonic Adventure 2 is a fast(Sonic-fast!)-paced platformer with a good-versus-evil storyline where the player could switch between opposing sides. Not only Sonic was playable but other characters as well with their own gameplay styles like Tails with shooting elements and Knuckles with action-exploration features.
Virtua Tennis (1999) screenshot
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It's a tennis simulator that is really, really good. I wanted to include the second one that had more training arcade games and other features but have to pay respects to the original. The game is easy to pick up and very hard to put down.
Crazy Taxi (1999) screenshot
DRIIIIIIVE! No, but really, it's a score-based time-attack racing game. There is an overall game clock that will run out eventually and the player needs to get some clients and get them as fast as possible to their destination. Of course, there are tricks, stunts that is available to try and get some style points and money.
Jet Set Radio screenshot
A skater action set in Tokyo about gangs, graffiti, skates and all in all a youthful rebellion. One of the first games to get cel-shaded visuals making it look like a cartoon.
Seaman screenshot
This is a hard-to-describe game. Basically, it's a virtual pet game about Seaman who is voiced by none other than Leonard Nimoy (yep, "live long and prosper" fella by the name of Spock). Aside from the bizarre premise, the game also heavily used the microphone feature of Dreamcast where you could have a conversation with the Seaman. It's one of those times where you can't just look away or in this case stop playing until you see what it can offer. Cause it's weird.
Soulcalibur screenshot
Soulcalibur is one of the longest fighting franchises in history. This is not the first game in the series however, there was Soul Edge, but this is the one that introduced 8-way run that hugely expanded the tactics and gameplay for the players. And again this game was more forgiving with the inputs so that the player wouldn't need to know or have perfect reaction to pull off combos.
Skies of Arcadia screenshot
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Sega needed their own Final Fantasy game and they got it with Skies of Arcadia. Putting the player in the airship and focusing more on exploration with a compelling story elevated this game way beyond just another type of Final Fantasy game. Unfortunately, we never got a sequel. But maybe a remaster one day.
Rez screenshot
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Rez is a musical first then the shooter on rails. The player creates an electronic score by locking on and shooting enemies. It's a short game but it's a beautiful and enjoyable ride if you're a fan of electronic music.
Shenmue screenshot
Shenmue and its sequel is hailed as one of the best games and recently got a remaster. Also, a third entry is coming as well soon enough. So what made Shenmue special? Well, the story, the gameplay, a living city, huge amount of mini-games and so on and so forth. It was a masterpiece by that time and still remains one of the greatest games ever.
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 screenshot
One of the best sports/skate - simulation video games. Large environments, addictive gameplay, great graphics, smooth controls and the hip-hop soundtrack. It's all in this bad boy of a skater game.