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1917 - The Alien Invasion DX

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1917 - The Alien Invasion is a memorization shooter combined with the fast and frantic action of bullet hell shoot 'em ups.

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You are in the role of Dr. Brunhild Stahlmüller, an acomplished weapon scientist who upgrades a WW1 triplane with superior alien technology to attack the invaders. You will avenge mankind and take the battle into the darkness of space until you reach an ancient alien world.

  • Fight from Verdun to the heart of the alien world!
  • Majestic and extravagant pixel art inspired by the golden age of arcades.
  • Accessible with a fair difficulty curve.
  • Intense action and highly polished gameplay
  • 8 stages with huge boss encounters.
  • Bloodshed and gore.
  • Psychedelic soundtrack.
  • Full Xbox controller support.
  • Digital art book (PDF).

The year is 1917 - war engulfed the earth. Billions were slaughtered at the hands of unprecedented technology in the name of fanaticism. Yet all previous atrocities were as preambles to an even greater, unforeseeable catastrophe. When on the 15th of April, a host of aliens descended from war-torn skies and opened fire indiscriminately on soldier and civilian alike, the foundations of the world were shaken and mankind would face his darkest hour. Against such a terrifying, overwhelming foe, the scrambling, exhausted nations of Earth had no choice but to put aside their old grudges and fight side by side if they wanted to avert total extinction – or worse. Still, courage and unity were not enough to match the sheer power of a species so advanced that the very cosmos proved no obstacle to them.

Meanwhile Dr. Brunhild Stahlmüller, an accomplished scientist, worked tirelessly with her assistant, Harmuth Griesgram, on developing an experimental airplane codenamed the Red Beezlebub. Based not only on existing aeronautical technology but also on fragments of alien wrecks from the recent battlefields, this new invention is capable of prolonged atmospheric flight as well as deep, interstellar travel. Finding no pilots left in any condition – bodily or mentally – to take the pilot seat, the brave doctor dons the helmet herself and takes the Red Beezlebub on her virgin flight; to the battlefields of Verdun. Her target: the Chessmaster, the new, self-crowned king of humanity. An usurper and abomination. Fueled by gasoline and hatred, her Valkyrie's flight will end either in blood-soaked victory or glorious death. Little did she know that he himself is only a piece on the real player's board, and she is watching Brunhild's every move with greedy, leering eyes…

For more story, watch the German story trailer with english subtitles:

Release date
Andrade Games
OtakuMaker.com, KORION
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • Processor: Any x64 and x86 Processor
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: DirectX or OpenGL Compatible Video card
  • Storage: 150 MB available space
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Babylon Will Fall
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Now The Whole Game
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Rocket Science To Hell
Kill the second Boss
Griesgramsche Luftschraube
Unlock the "Luftschraube"
Kill the first Boss
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1917 - The Alien Invasion DX reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
With 1917-The Alien Invasion DX has created a very good and addictive Bullet Hell Shooter, which is available to buy here on Steam at an excellent price/Performance ratio. The Backstory is quickly told: The Earth was attacked by Extraterrestrials in 1917. Earth Dwellers have no Chance to fight back. But one Woman takes on the Attackers: Dr. Brunhild Stahlmüller fights her way through the alien waves of attack with her sophisticated Plane To rid the world of the Invaders. The Game has been technically very nice and is playing well. Every Shooter Fan should take a look at the Game. Link to the Video Review can be found here: https://youtu.be/C3Etk0Or0JM
Translated by
Microsoft from French
1917 – the alien invasion takes place in a world parallel to our the battle of Verdun is raging when, amid the conflict between the European Nations, aliens start attacking everyone. Of course, Europeans immediately cease their small wars and join forces to kick the invaders ' asses. A genius, as I say, a German genius makes a new kind of airplane from alien shuttle carcass. She embarks on attacking the enemies in the Verdun area to begin with. I'm not too retro game but there is a little wonder. The realization is excellent and the game is very well done. I've read that some find in this game references to Japanese PS or Xbox games. I do not like Japanese games, sorry, and when I play at 1917 – the alien invasion, I see rather references to C64 games, but hey, most of the players was not born at that time! To read all of my impressions on 1917 – the alien invasion. [www.graal.fr]
Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
Its Most highlighted point is its concept, and it seems that it is extrapolated, to express through cynicism and visual and playable art a satire that talks about how society as a whole is allowed to invade by domination, religion and falsehood. This means that from a certain angle it is the same as if we were invaded by aliens seeking to subdue other civilizations. It Seems that, for some things and others, we do not have in common form sufficient virtue, rationality, autonomy or willpower that in theory we should possess and know as intelligent and reasonable people that we are. In The end, in a place where we are all equal, only a few are the ones who command and control while almost everyone else we fight and compete to become something or someone in life, in which a few bills are worth more than the dignity of a person. We Cannot achieve a better world, but instead we can feed this system that demonstrates and has always shown to be unfair, not only with people, but with the same nature. But If you ask questions, ' ' is what there is ' ' The game? You take all the fat bugs, one after the other. 40 Minutilla of play, proportional to the duration of a satire 8 levels, studied and decently worked, each with its peculiar diñeno of elements, scenarios and way of facing it. It's Not too complicated, but it's Not going to make it easy. But It is not much less an ideal game to immerse yourself in this genre. Note: 2.1 0.8: Gameplay 0.5: Disposition and variety of enemies and other 0.5: Shocking sprites 0.3:4 ships to replay it in a different way. Recommendation Index: 55%
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