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1943 Megami Strike

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★★★ Special Item for Buying 1943 Megami Strike on Steam ★★★

▷Items may contain
- Tier 4★ Tickets x2
- Premium Ticket x5
- Bomb x10
- Scroll x50
- Stamina x5
- Upgrader Medal★(30 days)

◆1943 Megami Strike!◆

- Collect Pretty Girls Cards
- Form your own formations
- Evolve your Cards
- Ask for help to your friends

- Quest mode with the Unique boss!
- Various patterns of Quests to attack!

- Challenge mode to spend all of your Cards!
- Get the highest points and ranked!

- Defeat strong enemies with friends!
- Get rewarded a lot by defeating them!

- Training system to grow your Cards!
- Earn EXP fast from various training places!

- Show what you got as the best pilot from PvP!
- Get the highest points and ranked!

- Go on a date with a Pretty Girl!
- Get Card’s stat higher along with Good Feelings!
Release date
GameUS Inc
GameUS Inc
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 7
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Storage: 1300 MB available space
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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1943 Megami Strike reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Product received for free "1943 Megami Strike"-A colorful 2D-vertical scrolling shooter, migrated without changes directly from mobile devices to computers. It catches the eye literally at the start: from the borders of the screen, marked with the arches on the red background, to the control and the system of Donatov parallel with daily Envents, pharma, very short levels and piles of options and functions. Let's Start with the fact that the game is a kind of mixture between the classic scrolling-shooters of the era of old platforms and more modern "Danmakku", in other words-a shooter with a special colorful visual design and a large number of colorful bullets, from That need to be evaded. The Brightest representative of such is a series of games "Touhou", very popular among connoisseurs of Japanese pop culture. Here, in fact, the same concept-fly, maneuver between a huge number of flying in US tinsel, shoot, uses special abilities or temporary firepower support partner, earns points, pumps airplanes, appreciate the design Girls-pilots and we are touched nâšnoj voice of a few phrases. What else do you need to be happy? Let's try to understand by appealing a ton of negative criticism on Steam. The Very serious claim of the players is a Donnaya system and advertising. Naturally, the studio when transferring the game to computers was worth to approach the case more responsibly and to re-work payments to the in-game stores or system of rewards for the passage. And, of course, to remove advertising and make the game settings more humane to those who are not accustomed to play on a tiny piece of the screen. On the other hand, is it a problem to scold the game? Yes, the developers did not bother too much about moving the game to a stationary platform, but it is initially a game for mobile devices. 80% of these games are needed to spend 15 minutes in them while you are in a minibus or sitting in the toilet. Even If the developers were frozen, the players still collapsed the game for short levels, piling up useless options and so on. But The fact is that "1943 Megami Strike" at all desire can not become a full-fledged game, given its original focus. From the point of view of large indie projects-perhaps this craft and looks terrible, but whether it is worth to evaluate the game, which did not expect to enter the territory of full products. I don't think so. Of The good you can note the cute design of characters and airplanes. The Gameplay, though essentially it here and catastrophically small, is managed pleasantly and looks wonderful. In the pumping system there is a certain sense, but it is strange and more often need to farm for a long time to feel any improvement. Why Do you need a "dating" function-I really do not understand. It Probably gives some bonus, but there is no noticeable influence on the gameplay. With The music the obvious miscalculation, as it is a loop repeating again and again in a circle, not even trimmed in the right place, so that the transition from circle to circle is not noticed so clearly. In general, the game has only three melodies, which is not good. As a result, in my unsophisticated look, the only real problem of "1943 Megami Strike" is its price tag. Of Course, the game, focused on collecting money from hapless buyers, will do the same in Steam. But, perhaps, having made the game developers at least free, they would not have lost such a number of negatives and probably would be able to get well, given that the packs with additions are more than the game itself. However, the game itself, if you consider it as an entertainment for a periodic fifteen minutes every day, is not so bad. There is a fun gameplay with smooth control, colorful action, the ability to pump and collecting, "dating", various airplanes and beautiful girls, talking njashnymi Japanese voices. Within Mobile platforms, the game is very good. Whether it is Necessary to buy it on a computer-it already to solve only you
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