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21 Days

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Live As A Syrian Refugee For 21 Days! 21 Days is a simulation adventure game in which you can experience the life of syrian refugees. Main character is a syrian man named Mohammed Shenu who escaped from Syria to western europe. Becoming Mohammed Shenu for 21days, you have to manage money, time, hunger and mental status. You may experience the life of refugees who keep their body and soul with only a faint hope. From now on, you are Mohammed Shenu.[story]Mohammed Shenu is a Syrian who just arrived in western europe. He has luckily been granted 'refugee status'. However, this is not where story ends. He has his wife Warda and his son Abdul on their way to europe. Fortunately according to 'The Principle of the Unity of the Family'(UNHCR), he and his family can both live together in europe with refugee status, only if they finally come to arrive europe. So, Mohammed now has to earn money to send them money necessary for evacuation.[gameplay]You Always Have to Take Control Of Two Things. 1) Mohammed's life : Mohammed needs to eat(hunger), work(money) and at the same time relax(mental). 2) Family's life : Mohammed needs to send money that his wife requests every 3days. Or they would be out of contact with you. There are about 15 places that you can go. At each places there are many NPCs that you can interact with. Interacting with those NPCs would help your life in europe. You can either get jobs or fall into temptation of crime through NPCs.
Release date
Jun 16, 2017
Hardtalk Studio
Hardtalk Studio
Age rating
0+ Everyone

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
  • Processor: 1.6GHz

System requirements for macOS

  • OS: Mac OS X 10.6 or above
  • Processor: 1.6GHz
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21 Days reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
21 Days is about the day-to-day Mohammed, a Syrian refugee in Europe who awaits the arrival of his wife and son from Syria. The goal is to get money over 21 days, (mainly through work in different places) to cover the expenses in food (to recharge the bars of "food" and "mental health"), the learning of the language (being some words of the dialogues " Hidden "Preventing understanding of complete sentences", transportation, and most importantly: sending remittances to the family to continue their journey safely. It Is a short and cheap game (2-3 hours, 2 euros), not excessively difficult, but it Is somewhat overwhelming by the pressure of money and time to send it on time to the family while trying to keep the protagonist healthy. Not to mention the current issue that concerns: the drama of refugees, conflicts in the Muslim world (mentioned the Syrian War, the situation in Libya, etc.), terrorism (there are a few mentions to ISIS, their executions and their attacks), the Discrimination and Prejudice (the relationship between refugees and crime or terrorism, the generalizations that this entails, etc), and the different visions of these issues both of the citizens and of the refugees with whom we will meet throughout the Game. In short, recommended without a doubt to those people with relatively open mind (you just have to take a look at a lot of the publications on the discussion page to understand who I DO NOT mean...), to look for a relatively simple game, Short and with deep social content, or interested in the issue of refugees in Europe. For my part, my congratulations to the developers for creating this small and important piece of entertainment that at the same time removes consciousness.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
21 Days is a political Game designed to raise Sensitivity to the difficult Situation of Refugees. It tells the Story of a Refugee Who makes Money to bring his Family to him. It incorporates rudimentary Resource Management into the Story and takes about 3 Hours for one Pass. Overall, it is Particularly reminiscent of the Slightly older "Cart Life" due to the style and political Explosiveness. The Presentation appears very detoxified and reduced to the Bare Minimum. The Soundtrack is extremely repetitive-not really disruptive, but through some Variety and more Effort in the individual Tracks, the Game would have won quite a bit. In Purely technical terms, it's a small Game with some Flaws. For that, at least on the basis of the Achievement List, there seem to be some paths that were completely different from mine. So replay value would be vantally quite given. Another Reviewer here on Steam referred to this Game as Propaganda-that's, of course, unless you would call the Concept of Empathy an Ideology. But even the Statement that resonates in it that political Issues had no place in Games, I would vehemently disagree. The Medium will not evolve, if one excludes such Topics. Of Course, there have been Video Games that have dealt with a similar Theme before, such as the graphic adventure classics "Dark Shadows 1 and 2" from the 90S. However, this was about Foreigners who were attacked by Neo-Nazis. These Days, Thank God, you hardly have to explain to anyone more why Nazis are evil. However, the fact that Refugees are not evil Does not seem to have penetrated quite so much, given the numerous Supporters of right-wing parties such as the AFD. For this Reason, 21 Days is an important Game and gets a clear Recommendation from me, albeit more as a socially critical art object, than as a Video Game.
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