5 Days to GTFO

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Download 5 Days to GTFO  today for either PC or Android and play through a lengthy  Demo. In the Demo, you will be introduced to the game play mechanics and the characters.  The story of 5 Days to GTFO gets dark and sinister and pulls on your heart strings at the end of the Demo.  There are 5 "Q" collectibles in the demo. See if you can find them all. 

5 Days to GTFO is a Trilogy! 

"5 Days to GTFO"  puts you and 3 of your friends having to escape from your city which has been overrun by zombie mutants. A nearby chemical facility accidentally leaked chemicals into the water supply and now everyone is changing into blood thirsty mutants! The Military wants to destroy the city but why is that the only option? 

"5 Days to GTFO...Again" 

(Coming soon)

"5 Days to GTFO Finally"

(Coming soon)

The Game play of 5 Days to GTFO  is challenging 

  • If a zombie mutant touches you.... Game-over
  • Limited save areas so SAVE EVERY TIME YOU GET A CHANCE!
  • You can find Items to help you 
  • 3 types of zombie mutants that chase you. Each one faster then the other.
  • The story is an important part of 5 Days to GTFO.  
  • Each character has a unique personality and story.
  • New features and mechanics are going to be added in the next two games. (including: Motorcycles, Larger maps, new items and much much more)

There are items you can find to help you along your journey to GTFO.

The Gun will clear out any Zombie Mutants
in the area.  Very helpful if there are a lot of 
enemies nearby.  Keep in mind it only works 
on that specific area.If you find a med kit, click on it!! This is a save
point. There are a limited amount of save
spots in the game so make sure you never
skip one. We won't judge you if you decide
to back track to a save point ;)

*More to come 

These action figures are spread out around Death Water city. Wait why do these look familiar?  Oh that's because they are from Quad Damage which is another game that is in development by SuperMasgamer Studios.

*There are 5 "Q" Collectibles to find in the Demo. (20 in the full game)

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SuperMasgamer Studios
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Last Modified: Oct 21, 2019

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