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Welcome to this wonderful, half-decent game I made when I was 14!!

50 Floors is a standard run-of-the-mill RPG. Heck (yes, I've said 'heck'. I'm a bad boy, I know,, it was the first game I have ever put serious time into and released, so as average as it is, I still think it is a fun 1-hour play through.  

Running the game is extremely simple.

If you are on Windows/Mac/Linux, all you have to do is extract the folder and run the necessary program file (eg. the '.exe' on Windows) and you're good to go! The game is completely free as well, so you are one download away from a fairly mediocre game!!

However, if you are having trouble downloading the game , a web version of the project can be found here https://jrsthiccgames.itch.io/50-floors-web-ver

You may be thinking 'What's next for Jon and 50 Floors?'. You're probably not thinking it, but you might be.

In the future, I hope to publish a full 'deluxe' version of 50 Floors (I'll probably end up calling it '50 Floors DX & Knuckles + New Funky Mode' or some garbage like that). Or, hopefully I can get far enough in releasing one of my new projects that I have been working on. If you want to support me currently, however, you can always donate when purchasing the game (I'll use it to better my development equipment... toooootally won't use it to buy cosmetics in Rainbow 6 Siege... I swear...). Or, the free and more useful option is checking out my channel linked here:


If you have any questions, they're probably not answered here, but hey, they might be.

As always, if you have any questions not presented here, feel free to email  me at:

[email protected]

Q:  What are the platforms that the game is released on?

A: Current released versions of the game are for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Keep in mind, however, that Linux is untested. I am working on getting an Android version working as well.

Q: Is the game free, or do I have to donate?

A: The game is completely free. I don't expect anyone to donate, but you're welcome to if you feel like it.

Q: Is the game any good? Like actually? 

A: It's pretty okay. Nothing special but its a fun play through in my opinion. 

Q: Will you be developing any other projects?

A: Maybe. You'll just have to wait and see.

Q: I have a question that is not on the FAQ. How can I reach you?

A: If you missed it, my email is at the top of the FAQ section.  However, just for you, I'll tell you it again right here: [email protected]

Keep in mind that if there are any other frequent questions, this page will be updated.

All download links can be found here.

If any of the embedded itch.io links do not work for whatever reason, or you prefer to download from Google Drive, there are Google Drive links included here as well:







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Last Modified: May 8, 2020

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