Games for Genesis

Sega Genesis (known as Sega Mega Drive outside North America) is Sega’s third home video game console, a successor to Sega Master System. The console was a success for Sega and became the company’s best-selling console of all-time with more than 30 million units sold worldwide. It competed with NES, TurboGrafx-16 and, later, SNES. The console is notable for being the origin platform for Sega’s flagship franchise – Sonic The Hedgehog. The original trilogy of games was actively used in the Genesis promotion and played an essential role in the console’s success. Throughout its lifespan, Genesis received several revisions. The most notable of them is 1993 Genesis (without Sega prefix) or Mega Drive 2 outside North America. This model brought the 6-button controller instead of the original 3-button controller. Throughout its lifespan, two significant add-ons were released for the system: Sega CD and Sega 32X. The first one let Genesis read data from CD and the second one drastically increased the hardware power of the console.