The Lost Vikings

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The Lost Vikings is a puzzle-platform video game developed by Silicon & Synapse (now Blizzard Entertainment) and published by Interplay. It was originally released for the Super NES in 1993,[2][3] then subsequently released for the Amiga, Amiga CD32, MS-DOS, and Mega Drive/Genesis systems the next year; the Mega Drive/Genesis version contains five stages not present in any other version of the game. Blizzard re-released the game for the Game Boy Advance in 2003. In 2014, the game was added to as a free download emulated through DOSBox.[4] In The Lost Vikings, the player controls three separate Vikings with different abilities. The three Vikings must work together to finish each level and find their way back home. A sequel, The Lost Vikings 2, was released in 1997.
Release date
Apr 23, 1993
Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.
Silicon & Synapse
Blizzard Entertainment, Interplay Productions, Interplay Entertainment
Age rating
0+ Everyone
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019
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