52-Card Pickup 2000

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This game pays homage to (my probably rusty memory of) a parody found in the infamous studio chatter of one of the You Don't Know Jack series. I am not affiliated with the makers of that game in any way.

UPDATE: I found the clip I based this all on! Try https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NTBBRcUIEEI at the 1:12:47 mark.

The instructions are found on-screen.

You can, if you want, say aloud things like this while playing:

- "Whoa! There are cards all *over* the place! I'm gonna pick 'em up."
- "There's a five of hearts underneath this table! I'm gonna pick it up."
- "There's a jack of clubs on the sofa! I'm gonna pick it up."


Made solo (code- and sfx-wise) in 48 hours (actually, more like 20, all told) for the Ludum Dare 37 compo (er, jam. Turns out I misread the rules regarding assets for the compo.)

Made with Godot 2.1.1, which I downloaded at the beginning of LD37. I had never tried Godot before. It's not perfect (let me know if you find something that is!) but there are a lot of things that are quite easy to accomplish with it, e.g. sound.

I also used Bfxr, Audacity, and ImageMagick.

The following assets I found here and there with licences that, as I understood, I could use in a non-commercial game:

- Music: www.bensound.com
- Sofa: Yurii Burdukh
- Table: Gela Motskobili
- Floor: opengameart.org
- Wallpaper: public domain

The tagline quote I took from the Video Games section of http://allthetropes.wikia.com/wiki/Too_Incompetent_to_Operate_a_Blanket



1.0.1: mouse inversion is now optional, and off by default

1.0.2: arrow keys also work, as a fix for non-QWERTY keymaps

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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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