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Hello all, this is the first game that I am releasing to the public and is also the first ever game jam I have entered. I had so many ideas at the beginning so I decided to just make a 6 in 1 game to try and incorporate most of my ideas. The overall process took about 41 hours but I would have liked to have spent more time on it however college work had to be done.

Anyway the 1st game is a small space shooter game which is basically a scaled down version of the game I am currently making with a friend, the controls for this game are left arrow to move left and right arrow to move right. The 2nd game is an idle clicker game similar to the well known "Cookie Clicker." This again is a much simpler version but to make it better the colour switches every time you click the 8*8 block. The 3rd game can kinda be related to a runner style game where you have to dodge obstacles, the controls are 1, 2 and 3 to switch lanes. The 4th is a virtual pet game similar to "Tamagotchi" your pet's stats decay as you play the other games and are refilled by clicking the icons below the pet. However you need money to buy these which requires you to click on money that randomly spawns on the screen. You can also customise your pet by giving it a hat and keep him happy by cleaning up his poo. The 5th game is a zombie survival game which requires you to have fast reactions and a quick trigger finger. The controls are w, a, s and d to move and the arrow keys to shoot (Quick tip: pressing up or down and left or right will shoot diagonally) The 6th and final game is a lot like flappy bird but it is you controlling your pet. Press up to go up and release to fall but be careful as you fall quicker than you rise.

The hardest part of the jam for me was keeping everything aligned to the pixel grid as even an object moving at 1 pixel per step is stupidly quick. Overall it was an awesome experience and I will try to enter some more game jams in the future (presumably out of college time) and I hope you have fun.

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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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