7.62 High Calibre + 7.62 Hard Life

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7.62 High Calibre is a tactical action game, sequel to Brigade E5.

A professional mercenary is in pursuit of a certain Russian "businessman", who stole a large amount of money from his "colleagues". Now he is hiding in a small country of Latin America to avoid an inevitable punishment. What seemed like an easy task at first, soon turns into an intense and dangerous adventure, for there are many things that must be kept in mind - intricate political situation, confrontation between governmental military and rebels, not to mention a necessity to choose friends and foes wisely. Features
  • Sequel to Brigade E5: New Jagged Union, the best strategy game according to the GameLand Award 2005, "Best Computer Games", "GameLand" and "Game World Navigator" magazines
  • SPM (Smart Pause Mode) battle system combines RTS dynamics with diverse opportunities of turn-based gameplay
  • Over 150 accurately modeled firearms with optional upgrades
  • Varied ammunition as well as an extensive list of equipment
  • Non-linear storyline gives you an opportunity to make your own choices and to reach one of multiple endings
  • Over 30 mercenaries
  • Upgraded graphics engine

7.62 Hard Life is a fan made enhanced version of the original tactical sim 7,62 High Calibre. Its development started almost immediately after the original game release in 2007. Over 50 people worked on the project in total. Features
  • 25 additional locations, including ones taken from addon 7.62 Reload (which was released in Russia only) and new ones made from scratch
  • Around 30 new NPCs
  • More than 100 new story quests, including the possibility to complete the game without joining any side of the conflict, and numerous side quests
  • More than 1000 new items, including 130 new weapons
  • Ability to fine tune the gameplay and functionality to your tastes (adjust an amount of enemies, Iron Man mode, hunger and thirst modeling, enhanced transport system, limiting an amount of cash NPC traders have and so on)
  • Many fixes for the bugs of the original game
  • Widescreen adaptation
  • Other improvements
  • Available in English and Russian
HLA team
Fulqrum Publishing
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

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Last Modified: Sep 2, 2022

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