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This is my entry for 2018's 7DRL! (And actually the first game I'm "completing").

I don't really consider it done, as it lacks a lot of content and doesn't really earns its name of "Eldritch". Its supposed to be heavily Lovecraftian-themed, but apart from a few monsters and items, thats pretty much it.

I also suck at art, so its not really pretty... but I hope the existing graphics are enough to carry the information needed to understand the game. Oh, and the level generation may fail and get you stuck as soon as you spawn...

!! Do not try to make the window bigger or fullscreen, or you won't be able to see the inventory or the UI in general !!

Nonetheless, its a playable roguelike game! A little barebones maybe. Turn based, the goal is to reach the end of the third floor, and if you die you will restart from the beginning. Its really short, and can be a little tough, so be ready! You just need to survive and look for the stairs looking tiles.


: Move the player, move up and down in the inventory.

: (i) Opens up the inventory.

: Closes the inventory.

: Use enter to select an item in the inventory, then the keys you can use are displayed on the screen.

: Only works in the main menu.

: Zooms the camera in and out.

: Reveals the whole map. Don't do that unless you're lost or curious!

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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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