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Relive is a game about cardiopulmonary resuscitation, but it is also an adventure game. The main purpose is to increase the awareness about this topic and push people,
especially teenagers and young adults, to take a CPR classes and be prepared to intervene in case of need.

While the topic is serious, we tried to create a fun and entertaining game, a SCI-FI opera where players can enjoy their gaming experience while the CPR concept slips through the game. To move forward in the story and complete successfully Relive, you will need to learn the bases of CPR, in an interesting and non-invasive way.

To keep the CPR skills razor sharp a tournament mode encourages group play. Family, schools and friends will be able to organize fast and fun CPR challenges and see who will be able to beat the best score.Why CPR?In Europe every day 1.000 people die of cardiac arrest. If immediate CPR is performed, the chances of survival remarkably increase. In more than 70% of instances, cardiac arrest is witnessed and CPR could be initiated by bystanders. As of today, in Europe only in 15% of cases witnesses perform CPR (European average). Taking a CPR class is the best way to rise this 15% of bystanders and save lives with no additional risk.Is Relive really free?Yes, Relive is completely free. The development of this game was made possible thanks to Future of Health Award, which purpose is to “bring serious gaming and healthcare together in order to contribute to more advanced healthcare across Europe“. Project CoordinatorFederico Semeraro, Italian Resuscitation Council, BolognaScientific Supervision - Italian Resuscitation Council, BolognaErga Cerchiari, Past-President

Giuseppe Ristagno, Scientific CommitteeTracking engine - Istituto di Tecnologie della Comunicazione, dell’Informazione e della Percezione, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, PisaAntonio Frisoli, Associate Professor

Claudio Loconsole, Post-Doc Research Fellow
Fabio Stroppa, Scholarship Holder
Nicola Mastronicola, Scholarship HolderGame developement - Studio Evil
Dutch translation - Kirsten Eijkelenboom

Relive team is the winner of the Future of Health Award 2012.
The award is a joint initiative of CZ healthcare insurance and Games for Health Europe
Release date
Studio Evil
Studio Evil
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Vista or better
  • Processor: Intel core i3 or better
  • Memory: 3 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 3D video card with 512Mb RAM
  • Storage: 2 GB available space

System requirements for macOS

  • OS: OSX 10.7 or better
  • Memory: 3 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 3D video card with 512Mb RAM
  • Storage: 2 GB available space
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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Relive reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Italian
Relive is a freeware title created by IRC (Italian Resuscitation Council), in collaboration with the Laboratory of perceptual Robotics Percro of the Institute of Communication Technologies, Information and Perception of High School Sant'Anna di Pisa, thanks to the work of Studio Evil in Bologna. The Project was founded by winning two hundred thousand Cocuzze at a competition in Utrecht on the topic of effective union between serious issues concerning the world of health and non-tacciabili gaming experiences that are exclusively "educational". The first fact quite curious about Relive is just that: if forces were spent and the original ideas pulled on the table, it was just to make natural and non-invasive learning process. Structured in four levels, the resuscitation appears only in the two central: strategic positioning, as it underlines its importance as main theme but at the same time it manages to avoid the most dangerous contraindications for This type of games, that is to make too explicit and pressing the indoctrination of the player. The puzzles are in fact imposed quite effectively as leitmotif, and in their limited interactivity halfway between hidden object and graphic adventure are discreetly compelling and never frustrating. Always in this track is to insert a good dose of teasers to the world of gamers, who are invited to make themselves at ease thanks to a series sympathetic but never memorable quotes: the crowbar of Half Life, the name of Zelda II : The Adventure of Link. The settings have their own taste and make good the idea of isolation in emergency, without neglecting the warmth of the human presence that prevents the atmosphere from being oppressive. Very apt is the characterization a bit frivolous but sure of the fact of the accompanying AI, whose final moment is certainly the lyrical peak of the whole experience: a peak that is a mound, and the name of the achievement is definitely hyperbolic, but the Farewell's climate is rendered extraordinarily and almost "to surprise" well. Turning now to the sore notes (because there are almost equal), Relive suffers above all to be a project on a predetermined budget, in which the management of funds has evidently taken at some time unrealistic prospects. The audio factor is in fact an absolute disaster, with a disarming shortage of special effects that takes away all the dramatic weight of some situations and totally deprives the cut-scenes introductory. Absence of dubbing apart (in itself not necessary), is the soundtrack to be a simplistic, unpleasant, repetitive and pale, fortunately acquiring a little ' character only with the final level, where the filing of the product seems to level slightly higher. The plot leaves in an irritating way suspended cues that seem unnecessary in the impossibility of the player to deepen them: what is (as there seems to be) The ultimate reason of the storm? How come only the AI seem to perceive something telic in the disaster? The gameplay concerning the resuscitation, as has been done elsewhere already noted, does not benefit from its inconsistency: it is true that the overall rhythm of the experience is certainly not tightened, but a slightly more action cut than a simple quizziner would Helped to keep up the level of dissimulation of the educational content. Moreover a participation "full body" is stressed in the mode supported by Kinect, but not feasible in the home walls (where I find a dummy?). Last remark is that although the academic field contributes to my opinion always and anyway to enjoy better quality content a video game (I will repeat, but The cat and the coup is certainly the most illustrious example of this), in this case it seems Brought behind also a naïve and inappropriate care morum that quite forcibly will make you understand that women are immune to cardiac arrest in view of the Impudicizia of a possible resuscitation. Seriously, I found Relive a really interesting title in its project history and its final intent: it's always nice to see applications and a new focus on our beloved media. I also Find it very stimulating the cultural reaction that the release of Relive has provoked on Steam: go and read the thread on the legal risks of resuscitation in the U.S. that opened immediately after the exit. Above all, Relive has succeeded in the purpose of letting me learn the basics of CPR, and of that I am thankful. However, the videogame product itself can not seem very crude, but in its roughness Ben still resides an original character that prompted me to complete the title moved more by Curiosity for the product in itself than for the "Made in Italy".
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