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The Inner World: The Last Wind Monk

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The flute nose dynasty has been watching over Asposia for centuries on end. In secret, they fill the roly-poly world with light and life. Emil, a trader for odds and ends, has led all the Asposians astray, making them believe that the dynasty is in cahoots with dark forces. Seriously, who knows what this weird family is doing day in, day out? The only one who could stop evil Emil is the heir to the flute nose throne: Robert. He has been petrified for three years, though. With a huge dose of enthusiasm, but little to no idea what he’s actually doing, he embarks on an adventure to find the legendary last wind monk. Of course, he has some great company: Peck, as loyal as he is flightless, and Laura, a rebel who certainly does fly, but only off the handle and who is Robert’s love with a capital L, by the way. A final ray of hope is provided by the mysterious Mama Dola, who seems to know more about Robert’s destiny than Robert himself…
Experience the fun and moving sequel to “The Inner World” (you don’t need to know the first part!). Save the flute noses from persecution and evil Emil!
Hours of fun brainteasers await you: find the last wind monk, cause trouble in a tumble mouse factory, play with Uncle Oboe for some toilet paper in prison, help a desperate Bingo-Pony become happy once again, bring the adorable baby gorf back home and save Asposia! Again!
Navigate Robert and Laura, those charming Asposians, through the game. And now you can even operate the nutty pigeon, Peck.
There are new sites for you to discover! Including the topsy-turvy airport “Asposia Central”, the quirky tumble mouse farmers and the mysterious Shovel Mountains.
Practice new songs on your magic flute nose and activate ancient artefacts.
Beautiful hand-drawn adventure for people quick on the draw.
Hilarious dialogues in awesome sound quality.
The Asposian puzzle help: Provides you with hints when you’re as clueless as Robert – completely spoiler-free of course.
Available for most any operating system or console – except the Gameboy!

Release date
Kalypso Media
Headup Games
Studio Fizbin
Kalypso Media, Headup Games, Kalypso
Age rating
10+ Everyone 10+
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Last Modified: Feb 5, 2021

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Unlock all trophies to officially earn the prestigious title "Contributor to the Encyclopaedia Asposia". With this title you'll be able to contribute to the next edition of said encyclopedia as you proved your deep knowledge of the Asposian world and its inhabitants.
Knock-Knock Master
Hello, hello, anybody home? Uncle Oboe's crazy game of Knock-Knock was no match for your brilliant mastermind, since you easily beat it at the first go. Or you were just lucky. Anyway, congratulations for winning the grand prize - 1 roll of toilet paper!
Return to sender
Bravo! You're a reliable person! Screwdriver, syringe, stapler - no matter what you borrowed, you always return it.
Who cable cares?
Who cares about the cable car model of some weird shopkeeper? You certainly don't! You somehow managed to find the correct settings for the control panel without looking under the sheet in the general store.
Mr. Wise-Guy
You didn’t use the help system at all! Congratulations, you can consider yourself an Adventure expert now. From now on, your friends may officially call you “Mr. Wise-Guy”.
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The Inner World: The Last Wind Monk reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Product received for free The Inner World Is a two-part Adventure Series from Germany, developed by the Ludwigsburg Studio Fizbin! The first Part was a wonderfully charming Journey by Protagonist Robert and his female Sidekicks Laura through the World Of Asposien to explore the Secrets surrounding the people of the Flute Noses. The second Part, which is of course about this Review, is set about, 3 Years after Part 1. Already in the first Few minutes after The Start of the game it becomes clear: Only by finding the Last Wind Monk can the despot Emil, who has seized power in the ungoverned Apcones, be stopped! With its Symbolism (Flags with upturned Pretzels in a clear Colour scheme) and their "Heil Emil" exclamations, the theme is not only subliminally reminiscent of the Third Reich, but is nevertheless presented here in a child-friendly manner. Except for "Destroy all Flute Noses," no political Statements are made either. In The process, new Players are gently introduced to the Show's history and Characters, even without any Prior knowledge. So It is not necessary to have played the first Part. However, you will then miss one of the best Adventures of the last Few years! My Tip: Play First Part 1! The Gameplay couldn't be more classic: Armed only with the Mouse, you solve more or less logical headnuts and puzzle your Way through the Game. It is pleasant that The Locations are never too sprawling but still offer a Lot of Possibilities in manageable Space! The Level of Puzzles is not too easy but also not unfazable-I was able to solve the Game without Any Help function (this is integrated!) or Complete Solution! However, I would have liked a little more Hints in 2-3 Places. Most of The time, however, subtle in the comments or Dialogues of the bizarre and well-designed Inhabitants is given an Indication of how to solve various Problems. But of course you have to think about the Corner from time to time! Even controlling Laura, Robert and the Dove Hack At the same Time (by Switching in Inventory) was never overtaxing or superfluous! The Graphics are hand-drawn and-animated and really extremely lovingly! One is happy about every new Scene and is offered a lot of Variety about the 6-Chapter game! The Figures have all the nice Details, which can sometimes only be seen at the 2nd View and in the Background you can always discover small Animations that Do not make the Action seem static! The Music is not intrusive and fits wonderfully into the Game-of course, the four Songs that Robert learns on his Journey remain in the ear, which are to be used to Solve various Puzzles. Otherwise, the Music contributes to the Atmosphere rather than jumping into the player's Ears-I thought it was nicely balanced! The 6 Chapters are leisurely and if you try a lot I can solve about 10-13 Hours. Verdict: TOLLER second Part!! I don't know of any Adventure that creates this Atmosphere through Speaker, Graphics, Puzzles and History. Both Children and Adults are likely to get their Money's worth! In addition, some of the Puzzles were really very creative and that over a long Period of play! I very much hope for a third Part!
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