8-bit Battles

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A simplified take on RPG combat inspired by classic games like Sword of Hope and Dragon Warrior. 8-bit Battles captures the feeling of exploiting enemy weaknesses and leveling a character without having to micro-manage stats. It's perfect for anyone who wants the flavor of an RPG in the amount of time it takes to ride the train to work.


- 30 monsters to fight, including the ultra-difficult boss Heltos

- Discover enemy weaknesses and exploit them for massive damage

- Gain new attacks and abilities by unlocking items

- Simple gameplay that gets more nuanced as you progress

- No scary clowns, giant lobsters, or singing pigeons.

How to play:

- Tap an action to select, then tap an enemy to attack.

- Enemies attack more frequently when the screen is full, so focus on eliminating them as quickly as you can.

- Enemies only have a few hit points, but your attacks do only a few damage. To maximize efficiency, try learning each enemy's elemental weaknesses. Some of them give you a clue if you tap and hold on their icon. You can also listen for the "swish" sound, which indicates an effective attack.

- Your XP bar also serves as a HP gauge. You gain XP by killing enemies and using all of your attacks. You lose it when enemies attack you or you use the manual attack refresh button.

- Fill the XP bar up to gain a level, unlocking new items and new enemies!

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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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