Games like 8-bit Battles

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Are you searching for games like 8-bit Battles? Look no further! Here's a list of games similar to 8-bit Battles either in the gameplay or in the visual style. If you like 8-bit Battles, be sure to check some of these games as well.
Big Tower Tiny Square screenshot
Big Tower Tiny Square is an indie action-adventure game developed by Evil Objective. It was originally released in 2018. EO Interactive published the game. You can play Big Tower Tiny Square on PC. You can purchase the game on Steam.
Stophat screenshot
Stophat is an indie game developed by Problematicar. It was originally released in 2017. It was published by Problematicar. Stophat is available on PC. The game is sold via Steam.
Jigsaw Power screenshot
Jigsaw Power is a game developed by Peter D'Agostino. It came out on 01-01-1995. Centron Software Technologies published the game. You can play Jigsaw Power on PC.