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- Week 8 + 9 HW - 

Every year, Emperor Penguins must brave the harsh conditions of their Arctic home. One mistake and that's it. In this game, you are a penguin fighting frigid blizzards in an attempt to get back to their colony. It's not just you you need to watch out for. You must get your egg back to the colony as well. Be careful, you do not want to move too quickly or let the egg roll away from you, lest the winter take your chick away.

- Game Requirements - 


There should be a reason you create a game. This assignment is centered on the idea that a work of art or entertainment should be inspired, should spring from meaningful roots. You should create a game that is inspired by something cold. That could be positive fun and playful, thinking about the onset of winter. Or it could be the harshness of winter. It could be ice-climbing. What do you think of when you think cold? Is there a decision, or a challenge, or something inevitable? Can you capture this moment, or this idea in a series of moments?

Tasks Required:

● The game must have a connection to the concept of cold.  Snowflakes, relationships,
hypothermia, brainfreeze, or something else!

● There must be an ending.

● There must be some interaction between objects in the world.


● Don’t feel you must add aesthetics. Think about your concept, do the visuals need to change, or do the systems need to change?

● Get more ambitious. 

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Last Modified: Jan 27, 2020

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