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Play online in your browser 100% Free - https://www.99floorsgame.com/play
Can you beat the impossible ninety-nine floors?  Well, you may just want to, because there is a cash prize for the first challenger to successfully do so! See official website for more information: 99floorsgame.com/competition

99Floors is a hardcore retro-style platformer "hack-n-slash", "beat 'em up" style game. You choose and play as one of 18 unlockable characters each with different stats and abilities, and must fight your way through ninety nine monster and trap infested dungeon floors! However, it's not all bad, as you will collect tons of loot and items along the way, if you survive that is!

The 99 floors are broken down into ten different stages, each filled with their own monsters and traps. You will have to fight hoardes of different foes, ranging from small slimes to huge demons, all while avoiding traps such as hidden bombs, spikes and a whole host of other deadly hazards. 

Each floor is randomly generated depending on the current stage, so each play through will be completely different. Different traps, enemies, terrain and overall layout is spawned completely random every time you pass through a staircase to the next floor.  

You will find upgrades and new items along the way, unlock achievements, set new hiscores and other records, and unlock new characters all in your quest to beat the 99Floors. 

You will die a lot in your attempts to reach floor 100, in a whole host of different ways. You be ripped apart by some monster, severed on a spike, crushed by a falling spike, or simply just fall down a hole. Whatever your method of untimely death, be prepared to die, again and again.

99Floors will also recieve future updates every now and then, so check back incase anything has changed.

And now for the really interesting part. As stated briefly above, the first person to beat this game will win a mystery prize. What exactly is this prize? It could be anything! No clues will be given on what exactly this prize is, but the first to successfully complete all 99 floors will be rewarded with it! The only condition is that you have recorded your amazing feat either as a lets play video or just a simple screen recording (so it is clear that you actually did  complete the 99 floors, and because I really want to watch how someone did it!) 

  • Ten Unique Stages (Spanning a total of 99 Floors in case you still haven't figured it out!)
  • 18 Unlockable characters
  • 58 Monsters/Enemies
  • 62 Different Weapons/Items
  • 32 Unlockable Achievements 
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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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