A Ball People Winterfest [2015 CCE Silver Medal]

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"A Ball People Winterfest" is a game that was created to show simpler non-3D graphics. It attempts to convey 'Tru 2D.' What is 'Tru 2D'? 'Tru 2D' attempts to only represent height and width, with no depth dimension. It won the Silver Medal for the 2015 Christmas Contest Event held on RPG Maker MV Resources and Forum..

This is a small game that was made for multiple reasons.

1. It will give an introduction to the Ball People and their Ball World. What is unique about Ball World melee encounters. Both the attacker and the defender take damage.

2. To show that a small game can be made in less than 24 hours. This was a response to those who said four days left in the CCE competition was not long enough.

3. I love making games and making customized graphics for them.

4. The end game has various possibilities depending on who you face, and what they found...

Join Ballden with his first experience with snow, on this Ball People World.

Available Games:

A Ball People Winterfest

Ballden Facing Bullies Board Game Adventure

Finding Hope Board Game Adventure

Fun Vision Park Board Game

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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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