A Bar Story

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Our first joint project with friends~~~

This game is about managing a bar A L O N E with minimum resource

Since it's just a prototype, we don't put any difficulty there...

The story tells about the main character (You name it) receive a letter from his/her grandpa that says "Rebuild that bar for me"

Without any hesitation, He/She'll do it for his/her beloved Grandpa

the basic mechanic is the cooking system that the result will be different even when the ingredients is the same

It's because the ingredients itself has unique properties even they are the same thing

Let's say I have two apple, the apple A is not too sweet (lv2) and very Sour (lv5), and the apple B is very sweet (lv5) and very sour (lv5)

Then, let's say I want to make an apple juice, made by apple A and apple B, the result is a very sour (lv10) and enough sweet (lv7)

The interesting part is, the customer sometimes just tell player that they need specific traits with specific lv and accept anything you give with the needed traits satisfied, or just tell the food name without the need of specific traits lv, or tells the player that they want a food with lots of specific traits needs (picky person)

We haven't done to that level though, we're just testing things out...

This is also a rpg, an has a time system, and shops that restocks everyday...

If we want to take it to another level, the interaction of all customer is unique and maybe connected to other things (side quest) and maybe even a simple battle (rock paper scissor style) and gathering mechanism...

but let's put that aside for now (lol) 


This game will be our entry for IGMC 2018

Wish us luck~~~

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System requirements for PC

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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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