A basic Otome game!

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Hello there player!

Here is the game developer speaking! Welcome to a basic Otome game!

This is just the beginning of a project: Creating a 2D world for you to have your own adventure. The character you are playing as in this world is an university student. You are going to attend a new university  and you are going to encounter different people that you can interact with! I try to make them likable, just for you!

This is just the tutorial, it might have a few weird stuff going on in there but...I try my best to fix all of the issuses! Chapter 1 is on it's way!

In this game, there are 4 flirtable characters. You can choose between the class president, the delinquent, the friendly guy and...noooo, I won't spoil you ;)

I will be in the game to guide you during your adventure and who knows...Maybe we can be friends! 

I am trying my best to put a nice little world together...just for you!

I hope you will enjoy your stay~

(music found on: purple planet.com 

The characters are drawn by me~

The background are placeholder images and will be replaced as soon as possible!)

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Usagi Games
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Not rated

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Last Modified: Jan 11, 2019

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