A Step Into Darkness reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from French
Okay, first of all, let's focus on the positives. A step into darkness is free. That's it, that's done. So I suggest you move on to the negative points. And be lenient, I beg you, I must make a concentration effort to organize my thought, as they are legion. Negative points, I hear. Choosing the one who will have the honors to start me up facing a real dilemma. Would I launch the hostilities by talking about history, uninteresting as well as disjointed? This game is (was?) supposed to be the first episode of a series. In terms of introduction, we have seen more enticing. Would I evoke the graphics, ugly as possible, if not insipid? I might as well draw your attention to some tags, inappropriate for the first (multiplayer...?!), questionable for the second (horror). Unless, of course, the goal was to signal to the potential player that this product is one, horror. Which I doubt. The horror, then. It would still be necessary for the player to have reasons to wet his pants or jump. There, bernic, quedalle, niet, Nada; zob skin, if you prefer. Otherwise, we could lean (but will have to lean very low, watch your back) on the sound effects and the quality of the dubbing, of a grimy amateurism, despite the updates. Or I could list you some whatnot which I was given to attend during my few sessions of play: problems of resolution (I refer well to the size of the screen, not to my unwavering willingness to inflict a turt same), the floor which is sometimes not the same dimensions as the room (Chapter 3), black screens when leaving the game (Yes, I consulted my doctor, it is not blindness, even if everything suggests that...) and finally, the icing on the cake , the fly on faecal molding, always in Chapter 3, a house built in spite of all common sense. That is to say on a slope; but mostly sloping. Nice confession of ignorance, isn't it? In short, I could spread out in detail about all this, but not... then I would have to shower and I already gave last month. I like to tell you more about what's going on behind the scenes. In particular, these bugs related to successes, for which we had to fight two or three months so that they were solved. Uh, deleted, I meant. Yes, deleted, the nuance is revealing. Why am I always unhappy, then? Simply because the communication around the game and the speech that was served to us on the Forum will inherit the hair to the highest point. The guy explains that he can no longer really work on A step into darkness, justifies his slowness in bringing solutions to the problems by the fact that he already works on other projects, including porting this game on a newer version of unity. But... but... but I want to scream: bugger of donkey (believe that a whole other Word, by far less courteous, burns my lips), already finished this game, before moving on to something else!?! It seems to me struck at the corner of common sense (here, again!) than to think: if I mess up my first game in a lamentable way, if I pick myself up as a mayrde on communication and managing the various problems encountered by the players, I myself size the same a reputation that is likely to be fatal. Democratize the development of video games is good, but... Please! leave it to those who know how to do it. Verdict: 0.5/5-A.k.a. the half-point of pity. Did you like this evaluation? Find others by following our curation: we prefer them cold. And for what it is better to avoid like the plague, it is here: the purge.