Abash Demo v1.01

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This is a work in progress.

10 Game Rules:

1. Attacking loses stamina, revealing a blue bar on your health bar. If hit after stamina drops, all stamina shown will turn into damage, along with the damage the regular hit is worth.

2. Hold down the back right bumper to power up.

3. Tap the back right bumper to reflect projectiles (projectiles are auto-reflected while blocking). When in control of the projectile, you can tap the back right bumper to absorb your own energy.

4. To counter a grab, press the grab button before the grab lands (back left bumper).

5. Combos can be permed by tapping a single button, but each button is respective to a limb. West = left punch | North = right punch | South = right kick | East = left kick.

6. You can alter a move by pairing it with a direction using the dpad.  At any point while attacking, you can perform any move performed in the character's initial stance using any direction / face button. The character will transition into it without any pauses. Make sure not to lose all your stamina as you continue!

7. To roll or jump, use a diagonal direction. After the stance initiates, press a face button to do a move respective to that stance.

8. Some moves end in unique stances. In unique stances, directions do not matter. The face buttons do unique moves. Pressing a direction in these stances will perform either a transition into another stance, or move the character back into idle.

9. Hold down the (front right bumper) button to complete the animation for big damage. If your health is below the health bar marker, a special attack with trigger, as long as your opponent isn't powering up their own.

10. Win x amount of times to unlock special modes on the main menu. Also, if your frame rate seem low, enter the options settings on the menu to change the quality / resolution.

Stay up to date on this game's development on Discord: https://discord.gg/PfwfFwRX4Z


11/11 edit:

I took care of some glitches based on feedback from the discord. If you notice something weird, please let me know! This demo likely won't receive more content as I continue to develop, but your thoughts will certainly shape the final product!

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Last Modified: Nov 12, 2021

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