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Abot is a physics-based 2D puzzle platformer, designed in a minimal graphic style, where you can manipulate both player and the levels in an intertwined manner in order to solve puzzles.

This game taps into the potential of warped spaces and logic to challenge mind and to tell a meaningful story. In each chapter new set of inhabitants of the game world with their peculiar behaviors are introduced. The puzzles are designed to enable learning about these peculiar beings and take their help to reach a solution.

Everything changes
Abot provides player with the control of not only the playable character but also the map past mid-game. The playable character is restrained to the rail-like platforms in its unidirectional movement, thus prevented from free jumps across platforms. To encourage choice of elegant solutions, your movement is limited by its stamina. The true challenge remains learning the strange yet consistent ways of the co-inhabitants of the game world and using them to the reach your goal.

Levels are designed in the form of wraparound 2D spaces. Abot allows the playable character to leave the screen only to reenter at a different; giving the level an appearance of a cycle that repeats until you get everything right.

Less is more
The minimal visuals and solemn background music are chosen to allow strict focus on problem solving, learning and to accentuate the abstract narrative. Controls are kept minimal such that the whole game can be played using either mouse or keyboard (or even gamepad) with press of any single key.

The gameplay is divided into 4 chapters that are unlocked for re-play as you finish each. The game is still in-development. To give players a taste of game mechanics, presently a playable demo with 28 puzzles has been made available.

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Open Loop Games
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Not rated
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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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