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Above the Clouds is a game in which you're a  princess of a suffering kingdom. The king has been cursed by the sky god for his narcissism, for he believes he controls the rain and thunder. 

As the kings only kin, you set out for the heavens on your flying carpet in an attempt to talk to the sun god, the highest god there is.

 You can play Above the Clouds with a friend or a family member if you like, I find that the game becomes more interesting when you play it with two people.

I made this for the GMTK Game Jam 2019. I started the game with the idea of making a platformer with a single platform. But after making some of the puzzles, I found them to be way too hard. Hence why I added in other platforms while keeping the focus on the single moving platform that is the flying carpet.

Sadly I didn't have enough time to express the narrative I conjured, neither was I able to find time to make some nice ambient music for the game. Though the sound me whis- I mean the wind is nice.

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Last Modified: Aug 5, 2019

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