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Abzu is a classic adventure game, the action of which unfolds in the endless ocean. The protagonist is a female diver, wakes up alone drifting on the ocean surface. The main gameplay is aimed at exploring the surrounding world: the main character finds the ruins and traces of an ancient civilization that existed in symbiosis with the world's ocean. The outside world reacts to the player's actions and changes under his/her influence. However, it will not only be necessary to explore the underwater world: ground fragments also come into play in the game. Despite the simplicity and serenity of the game, there are dangers in the form of sea predators. The story is told without a single word and the silence only helps to create a unique atmosphere of peace and tranquillity that reigns in the world of the game. The mosaic of the game setting is completed by the implementation of the game camera and the opportunity to look at the world through the eyes of fish - you need to enter the meditation mode for this.
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Aug 1, 2016
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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Now at the Sale, the Opportunity was there. And yes what should I write? I'm there and away. Play now 1 Hour, and it's called 2 Hours of Play. I just reached the 2nd chapter. Am I Getting Into the game so rum that has already passed an Hour of Ingame? Or Do I Use the Game for what it's meant to be? I let myself drift in the Water, accompanied by the Fish and Sea Creatures. The Soundtrack is a wonderful supporter of this. Of Course I can watch me "work" the Game as soon as possible, but do I want that? Nope! I was still undecided tonight whether to buy it, Read tests. It is called in "Meditation Mode" the black Bars disturb. Hmm of the Beams is half transparent and is limited to the bottom left corner of The Screen. I play on a big TV Screen, so it doesn't stand out. Apparent I think the Testers at the Gaming Portals just don't realize what this "game" is about. It depends on People, and you should know what you want to get involved in during The "Dive"
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Wow! What an incredible Experience and Journey that was! I don't think you have to say much about the Visuals and the Nature of the Game; Either the Style suits you or not. For me personally, this Game is visually a Masterpiece and is one of the most beautiful Games I have ever played! The Story is presented in a Way I not only expected from this Game, but also hoped. In My Opinion, the Narrative Style fits perfectly with the Mystique of the Game. There would have been a clearly broken Down story just out of Place. The Soundtrack is very well tuned to the Environment. The sometimes more modern Sounds harmonize beautifully with the Action that Has been pointed out. I myself have no Problem with the Control; However, I can imagine that Some have to get used to it first or play a little with the Control Options. Overall, this Game is just great in my Eyes. Clear Buy recommendation-bought it in the Sale, but think the Game is worth its Full Price too. If you are sceptical, you can still get it in the Sale.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
A slightly more expensive Motion Picture to rate This Game is extremely difficult, it's just so different. As a Human-like monkey Creature in a diving Suit, you explore an Underwater World and do very simple Tasks to get into the next Room. That's the Game first. Now to the actual Point of the Game. This Game just visually just knocks everyone over. The Atmosphere that creates this Game can only be described by the Word wow. It's incredibly detailed, playful and overwhelistically beautiful. Really, you've never seen anything like it. Now to the negative Points: It's short, damn short. This Game offers no Long-term Encouragement due to its always linear actions and quickly becomes monotonous. Oh, yeah, I've mentioned before that the Game is short. No? Yes? No matter I say again: It's short. Well, what is this Game. It's a slightly shorter Motion Picture that costs a little more. And it is, it's a Movie. Nevertheless, this Brevity is a very intense Experience that, in my Opinion, compensates for a great deal. So who Would like to watch an interactive Film about our Seas and who is €20 not to hurt all; Don't miss this Game. Anyone Else should avoid this Game. I really enjoyed this Game and don't miss my €20. For me, it was a very, very, very, very good Buying decision.
A little bit repetitive but really exceptional art. They didn't need the "gameplay" elements like puzzles etc. Just let it be an experience.
ABZU is an interesting game. Not only because I havent played it myself, but also because it is.. Not as much of a game as most would like it to be.

In this game you swim around using simple WASD & mouse controls and slowly traverse the underwater world of ABZU.
Now, I gave this game to my little sister, who is not used to keyboards at all, but still, I feel like I need to note that this made the otherwise perfect game a lot harder to enjoy for her. The mouse was too fast and the turning she could not wrap her head around.

Now, this might all sound a little basic for a description. But to be honest, it isnt. There are no other things you will be doing in this game other than:
Opening doors,
Swimming with fish
Swimming without fish.

That does not make it a bad game however!
It is quite the opposite. It tries to teach you all the different types of fish swimming around, as well as the wonder of exploration.

If anything, ABZU proves that you do not need action to make an experience, and for that I am grateful.
«Sit back and relax»
«OST on repeat»
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