ADOM (Ancient Domains Of Mystery) reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Those who are already familiar with the original game-and so everyone knows. This Review is for those who did not play the original game of Thomas. Right away, this game is not for everyone. In General, it can be divided into two parts. In the Mode "story mode" without having to freeze on a significant part of the complex game mechanic you can try to pass it for the plot. I did not stipulate to try, because even this regime can present surprises. After all, what will help you save/download if you banal can not kill the enemy because your hero is too weak? The history Mode here is rather a mode of learning than a really simple mode where you can pass the game for history. Hence the main and perhaps the only disadvantage of the game-high complexity. YES, the game requires you to think about their actions and decisions, and most importantly-do not risk anything for nothing. Second mode? Real hardcore, where 90% of the characters die in the first village, because, as in life, to climb one on the caves and wild lands is extremely dangerous. There are no concessions to The player-rocked only the skill of owning swords? And here is A Rusty monster who ate your last sword and spit out the stub. And here would you at least a little skill of possession of clubs, batted it already by this wooden baton that carry about stock and would keep the sword intact. In This perhaps the whole point-unplayed modern games, we are accustomed that the game always gives us a chance to spin out that any enemy can be overcome. But not here. In ADOM It is necessary to think ahead of the order of their actions-what to do if I am surrounded? How much do you need to get a proianta to not starve to death on the lower levels of that cave? Is It worth descending to another level if PowerPoints (mana in other games) is zero? If you consider your strategy in advance, a lot becomes easier. Unfortunately, that is what we are lazy To do. So I do not agree with those reviewers who say that the game is a marginal rank. It only seems so, because we (as players) have not made a gram of effort to control this rank. Every time We get used to the pressure of habits and start to play as accustomed in other games-naobum. With a stick of naked rush forward yelling something awkward, and then surprised to discover themselves in the middle of a room stuffed with monsters. Do not drink from puddles if you are not ready to fall into it! Be sure to read the game's nuts, tips newbie, start with the class easier. And think. What will you save? Sticky legs or thick skin? What will you beat The enemies? What if it's not effective? Always soberly assess the risks, do not do unnecessary actions and then you will get an amazing experience, which is able to give not every game.