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Adventures Of Fluzz

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Take control of Fluzz, the coolest bunny in town, with many special abilities and a gun that pops fruit.
Your adventure begins in a beautiful woodland where the sun is always shining.
Try and overcome all the hazards here and you will travel far to the hot deserts, a place screaming of danger in every corner.
Can you guide Fluzz to the ancient pyramids and enter one of the most enchanting places ever known?
Finally you will face your last battle in the snowy wastelands, where you will face King Hong for the final battle.FEATURES:
  • 4 exciting themes. (woodlands,desert,pyramids and snow).
  • Complete worlds and unlock amazing mini games which will have you hooked for hours.
  • Complete end of level achievements to receive gold stars. Stars will unlock cool rewards.
  • Hang on to balloons, bounce off from springy mushrooms, dodge arrows, fire and much much more.
  • Perform many special moves.
  • Run, jump, spin, crouch and even fly to overcome the dangers which lay ahead.
  • Use your special gun, just load them with fruit and knock down your enemy.
  • Includes many puzzle elements which will have you guessing what to do next.
  • Face the ultimate battle in every world, where you will face King Hong himself.
  • Adventures of Fluzz will offer fast and great gameplay.
  • Save your progress when you move on to another world.
  • Online scores for main game and for the 4 mini games, the competition just cannot get better.
  • Keyboard and/or mouse controls.
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System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7 or higher
  • Processor: 1 Ghz or faster
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Graphics: 512 MB Ram
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 512 MB available space
  • Additional Notes: Keyboard and Mouse
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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Adventures Of Fluzz reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Product received for free 4 Bunny and baby sweetheart From The very beginning I did not share the general opinion on Adventures of Fluzz, because on my memory were such good platformers, received for free, as 8BitBoy and Bloo Kid 2, well think pink hare and not the most PR The But in reality everything turned out to be completely different from the above-mentioned games. There are no dynamics, you can quietly and in a measured way to go to your goal, do not have to once again to finate, from that I stopped trying and began to die on absolutely silly moments-the first sign of boredom. In Adventures of Fluzz completely absent plot, and this detail is certainly important for platformers, of course, none of them has the scale of games by hand Bioware, but there is always even the smallest and minor reason why the hero goes Perform certain feats. The gameplay here is all standard, even without tricky caches. The Bosas are simple, but not immediately clear how to go. In Addition, after the passage of the world we will be able to play a mini-game that is not so slow. With graphics all good, but would like more, the music is not strong, but not immediately bored. With the technical side there are problems: exit the game or restart the level after 3 deaths can be done only through the Win key or through the task Manager, I would like to see the resolution of the screen in 1920x1080. To summarize, the sale of the game is so tiny that they were disappointed even the developer, because, if you believe the data from the site steamdb.info, there was no discount on it. Well, and 99 rubles it is not worth it, when in the steam of so many beautiful and not very games that cost can even a little more expensive (taking into account discounts), and some and at all cheaper (taking into account discounts), and they will bring much more joy and pleasure.
Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Product received for free In the past I owned a TV prefix Dendy (clone Famicom/NES). One of the favorite games was-Tiny Toon Adventures (1991), created by Masters from Konami Corporation. She gave the opportunity to take part in the adventures of familiar cartoon characters. With tenderness I recollect the time spent behind it. Adventures Of Fluzz seemed remotely similar and something inside me said "Follow the rabbit." The Visual design is bright, cheerful. The Appearance of avatars and opponents is funny. I'm sure the kids will like to fly on a balloon, shoot a toy gun apples. Games. Percent. Simple enough not to alienate even toddlers. Syst. Requirements are low. Alas, these are all the virtues that I have been able to find. And here are the flaws: ♦ Unsatisfactory level of techn. Execution. The Full-screen mode is displayed incorrectly-the image flashes and is twitching. You cannot change the control layout on the keyboard or connect the controller. In the chapters. Menu there is no Exit button. ♦ The Absence of any context devaluates what is happening. Why Rabbits in cages? Who placed them there? How did GG manage to avoid captivity? No answer. ♦ The Need to return to places that have already visited to release long-eared prisoners is irritating. ♦ From Mini-Games I can positively note variations of such arcades as "Tetris" and "Snake". However, access to them will be opened only if you fulfill the conditions of passing the level: Destroy all the enemies encountered, do not lose any points of health and similar. PMM, it's pts. Bad way to keep people off the screens. I See no reason to spend on this product 99 p. (in RUSSIA). On the site Razrab-and for purchase available 27 games, devoid of shade and individuality. Almost all of them try to copy popular products-Angry Birds, Flappy Bird and etc. Or They don't represent anything at all, being primitive entertainment for 10 minutes. A Pathetic sight! Igor, 6 years old: "Funny little animals! I'd like to get in the screen and pat them. Will I play it again? I doubt it. There are more beautiful and interesting games than this. "
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