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Blink the Bulb

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Everything was once peaceful in the Jubilee Realm - a distant universe formed from individuals' fond memories of the holidays. Here, humanity's composite recollections were weaved into brilliant landscapes and simple, kindly beings. However, ages have passed and the thoughts that shaped the realm have been tainted by a dark force - people's spiteful memories of their special occasions. The Holidaemon, six ruthless beings born from this negative energy, have begun taking over the Jubilee Realm and threaten to infect all its inhabitants with their influence.

Thankfully, all is not lost. Blink the Bulb, a lone resident of Winter Land, has set off to defeat the Holidaemon before they conquer the entire world. Looking skyward, he vows to vanquish their evil and restore the inhabitants of the Jubilee Realm to their former selves.THE GAME
Blink the Bulb is a 16-bit platform game styled after Genesis-era classics with added pseudo-random content for replayability. The game spans six holiday-themed worlds and features:

  • massive, open levels to explore
  • day/night cycles that occur between levels, altering enemy behaviors, minibosses, stage gimmicks, and obtainable items
  • 20 different "passive" items to collect, with percent chance or cooldown-based effects such as: spawning zombies, increasing invincibility frame duration, creating a protective barrier of thorns, and preventing fatal damage
  • 10 different "active" items that can be used at will, including a fire-spewing candle and a shooting star dash attack
Release date
White Sparkle Games
White Sparkle Games
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: AMD A6-3420M APU with Radeon HD Graphics 1.50 Gz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon(TM) HD 6520G
  • Storage: 119 MB available space
  • Sound Card: AMD High Definition Audio
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Defeat the boss of Egg Land Stage 1 during the night
Commander Key
Collect 10 keys
Mask Murder
Defeat the boss of Fright Land Stage 1 during the day
Spark Star
Collect 500 imagination sparks
Ctrl Alt Deleted
Defeat the boss of Terra Land Stage 1 during the day
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Blink the Bulb reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
I would love you to give your Follow to my Mentor Page on Steam: DarkySama Gaming. Information Name: Blink the Bulb Genre: Platforms – Free to Play Developer: White Sparkle Games Publisher: White Sparkle Games Release Date: January 2, 2017 Platform: PC (Steam) Price: Free Introduction A small game of simple platforms and With well-accomplished mechanics. It Has a cycle of day and night which changes the behavior of enemies, bosses and objects of chests. History Tells The story of a universe called Jubilee Realm formed by the good memories of the festive times of the people however, the years go by and the Holidaemon appear, 6 creatures created from the bad memories of the Festivities that plan to contaminate everything with that negative energy. That's when we take control of Blink the Bulb, the hero who will destroy his evil plans and restore the positive energy of the worlds. Sound The Sound changes depending on whether you are playing a world during the night or day cycle, take inspiration from some Sega Genesis games (some reminded me of some Sonic melodies). Gameplay This Game has some mechanics that I had not seen before in this type of games, the first is a day/night cycle where the behavior of the enemies of the worlds will change, as well as the final Boss. Not only that, it also has chests that we can open using Sparks that are basically the coins of the game. In These chests we find objects that are divided into Assets and Liabilities, which vary depending on whether it is night or day. This cycle can be changed in the game options in the Gameplay, but the game automatically changes to pass a level, for example, if you complete a level during the day cycle, the next level you choose will elapse during the night cycle, of course As I mentioned before, this you can change in the Options of the game to choose always if it is day or always at night. Bulb uses the jump and double jump which is already common, as well as shooting small Sparks that barely hurt or you can hold down the button to produce a more powerful shot. The game has Easy, Normal and Difficult difficulty that you can change in the game options in the Gameplay. Technical Aspect Honestly The game doesn't ask for much so any computer should be able to make it work smoothly. It has different sizes for the game window and I think it also has Full Screen option (not noticed). The 16-bit art is nice, although I had some problems to see the Sparks on certain levels because of the color of the Background or the skewers (luckily these do not kill you instantly) Final Opinion Blink The Bulb is a short and enjoyable experience that reminds the Classics of the Genesis era, the mechanics in which it focuses is its day/night cycle in each of the levels that will produce a different experience and motivates its replay, plus it's free. Positive and Negative Aspects + a solid plataformera experience. + Day/night Cycle that affects the behavior of enemies and objects that appear. + 5 Worlds (and a final world) with 2 levels each varying depending on the day/night cycle + Good Art and soundtrack + Levels quite wide, both vertical and horizontal, motivational exploration. + Free-Can confuse the most clueless about the day/night cycle-Bosses with quite simple patterns-Some colors make the skewers and Sparks difficult to distinguish. If you liked/disgusted my analysis/review I would appreciate enough that you value it with the buttons below.
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