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Alicemare is a somehow familiar yet totally unique adventure game with strong horror leanings, created by △○□× (Miwashiba) using the WOLF RPG Editor.~STORY~
Allen is a young boy who has lost his memory.
Bereaved by the loss of his mother and father, he eventually ends up at a home for lost children.
One day, he sets out to investigate a rumor heard from the other children. This is where Allen’s story really begins...~WHAT KIND OF A GAME?~
Alicemare is an adventure game blending elements of exploration, storybooks and fairytales, and just a hint of horror.
Those with an aversion to horror need not worry; this title only includes subtle touches of the genre here and there.
There are no survival-horror elements to the gameplay nor the story, and you can rest assured that the only thing keeping you up at night will be your enjoyment of the game.~CHARACTERS~◆Allen
A young boy who has tragically lost both his memory and his parents.
He likes books and newspapers.

◆Letty & Rick
Letty is a young girl with a bright and energetic personality.
Rick, her twin, is a boy who looks exactly like Letty.

A shy little girl.
Chelsy loves her teddy bears.

A mischievous young boy who likes to cause trouble.
Joshua is currently obsessed with frogs.

A curious little girl with an unreadable face.
Stella is always thinking to herself silently.

A male teacher at the children’s home where Allen lives.
He is searching for something―but what, and why...?

◆White Rabbit
The White Rabbit technically fills the role of Allen’s guide.
However, he seems to have little interest in actually “guiding”.

◆Cheshire Cat
The Cheshire Cat is another character who guides Allen along on his journey.
He has the ability to appear and disappear at will, and is characterized by his very peculiar manner of speaking.
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Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 7 or Greater
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 1.06Ghz
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Integrated graphics
  • Storage: 80 MB available space
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Last Modified: Mar 1, 2024

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Alicemare reviews and comments

The story of this game won me over with its horror-mystery aspect, in the style of Alice in Wonderland. It has a short duration, but it's a game worth playing.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Nice short Game with a slightly gloomy Story and good, not too heavy Puzzles I really liked, even if the Story was a little sad. The more you played, the more you learned what it's all about. After finishing the Game, I still don't have everything 100% clear, but most actually taps into it on its own. (At least if you've explored a bit and read a lot) I also love such Pixel-like Games with a lot of Detail, beautiful Music and a perfectly fitting Atmosphere. Despite the somewhat grim Story, I found everything fitting and loving. I was definitely Fun and I'm excited about the other Games of Miwashiba!
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
A nice, nice Game for in between. The Graphics of this Game may not be for Everyone (especially for People who don't really like Pixel Games), but I can still say that the Game is beautifully designed and by no means bad. The Characters all include a beautiful, small But fine story and the Innuendo behind it, has also been well implemented. The Game is Accompanied by Piano pieces, which (in my Opinion) did not really affect the Atmosphere, but are still nice to listen to. The only Minus Point in the Game is the Options or Settings that don't exist at all. The Music, no matter how beautiful it may sound, is (for my Taste) a little too loud. Even when I regularly put it on the PC, at the Audio Mixer, the audio to this Game, Hasn't felt anything changed? But all in all, I can still recommend this Game for the People who like RPG's OR want them to play.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
A nice little Adventure with a focus on Story and Characters. There are also a few Puzzles, but if you have played through at least a Part of Professor Layton, these are not worth talking about. Even the Graphics can't score particularly, especially if you haven't grown up with the big Pixels. So what's left? First, there is Story and Characters: One plays Allen, a Sage Child with Amnesia, who is taken In by a good-natured man (who likes to be addressed as a "Teacher") and who offers shelter in his large estate To four other Wise people. One Night, After an Event, Allen finds himself in a Dream World inhabited by two mysterious Figures, which is somehow linked to the other Wise Men. In the Course of the Game, he reveals his own Past, that of the other Children and that of the good-natured Man. You might think now that you can already guess something about ... But it's different than you'd think. There are also several Endings that you should all look at to understand everything. Second, there's the Soundtrack: Did I really surprise to hear such well-tuned Songs at such a Game. Partly also with well-known classic pieces. So from me it gets a Recommendation. Such small Pearls should be emphasized. Similar to "To the Moon," where you don't look directly at what's behind it.
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