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The year is 2192AD. 40 years ago, the Stellar-class All-purpose Administrative Computer ALLTYNEX suddenly attempted to enact genocide upon mankind. Commandeering armies of unmanned weapons, ALLTYNEX enacted a massacre so terrible that within only 72 hours of the start of the incident, approximately 85% of the world's population had perished.

A small number of people narrowly managed to escape beyond the solar system, but their population steadily declined in the face of brutally harsh living conditions. Now, gambling everything, the remaining survivors rally to begin their first and final attempt to reclaim the Earth. Fight your way through the drone armies and Guardian Soldiers to end the Era of A.I. Dominance!

  • 5 stages of carefully crafted 2.5D vertical scrolling shooting action!
  • Powerful Blade melee mechanic: get up close and personal for maximum destruction!
  • Target enemies from afar with Homing Lasers or lance through enemies and bullets alike with the powerful Buster Rifle!
  • Advanced combo system: smart play and switching between melee and fighter modes is rewarded!
  • Tutorial, Practice and Replay (featuring normal and cinematic views) modes!
Release date
Nyu Media
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Microsoft Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8
  • Processor: Intel Pentium4 1.4GHz or better
  • Memory: 128 MB RAM
  • Graphics: DirectX 8.1 or above and Direct3D with 64MB or more of VRAM
  • Storage: 200 MB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectSound-compatible Sound Card
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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Alltynex 2nd Stage 4, 5
Aug 31, 2010
FM TOWNS MARTY - ALLTYNEX ( Complete Game ) Played on FMT Marty 2
Feb 7, 2011
[STG] Alltynex 2nd (1 Credit Clear, 19.9M Score, Hard Difficulty)
Jul 18, 2014
alltynex 2nd Stage 5 (Final) Gameplay
Sep 5, 2010
ALLTYNEX Second - trailer
May 26, 2010
ALLTYNEX Second Teaser Trailer
Dec 10, 2014
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Mission accomplished
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Alacran Defeated
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Ophiuchus Husk Defeated
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Score Over 3,000,000
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ALLTYNEX Second test capture
ALLTYNEX Second 1 Credit Clear (Normal)
Highlight: Alltynex Second replay camera angles
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ALLTYNEX Second reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from French
After Kamui, the first of the trilogy, in 1999, then reflex, here is the last, Alltynex, which is obviously the most graphically accomplished, even if it is not transcendent and remains in the vein 3D of the shoot them up published for example on Dreamcast and arcade. Opt for the trilogy if you really enjoy the shoot them up, otherwise here are the details of the three Opus:-Kamui, the first, has aged a lot. To have an undistorted image because, go figure out why, they distorted the image vertically while the game is vertical. Mishandling? The game is quite playable. You can put it horizontally to have it almost full screen, but this option is unfortunately only useful for players with a screen to be oriented to 90 degrees since the keys can not be reconfigured, which poses a problem in the vertical and horizontal axis of the displacement of the vessel, despite four possible configurations but not adapted at first glance. -Reflex, despite an achievement also old but more accomplished than its predecessor, offers a very good challenge, the "bosses" behaving aggressively in their movements. -Alltynex, to close, one can assume, the series, is thus graphically served by a 3D-level Dreamcast-GameCube-PlayStation 2 I think. Anyway, starting with the first and ending with the last one, you will not lose your marks and will see the evolution of this series, graphically and technically, and if you were to choose a single one, take the last one for a Visual question.
Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
The most striking novelty with respect to previous games of SITEr SKAIN is that the graphics leave the 2D to embrace completely the 3D in models as well as in scenarios, in a modest but more than satisfactory way, with ships and enemies that have a The textures are right and pleasing to the eye and some scenarios that win in detail and spectacular. All with a great feeling of speed although there are low frame rate when you accumulate many elements and effects on screen. The gameplay relies on a two-gun system but develops it in a more interesting and strategic way. We Have two forms of attack, the traditional shooting of the genre and the Sword Mode, which will allow us not only to eliminate enemies at close range thanks to its great offensive power, but will also destroy most of the projectiles that approach our ship. In this way, in ALLTYNEX Second it is vital to balance between both modes of attack and their respective secondary weapons, alternating according to the situation, developing in a natural way our own style of play, well offensive using the shot and the laser While we dodge projectiles; Well defensive destroying bullets with our sword and taking our time to destroy our enemies or an intermediate point between them. The duration of the game is about 45 minutes and one hour according to our ability, with five stages of medium difficulty and limited continuations, although they will increase in one every time we get the Game Over screen. ALLTYNEX Second is a vertical shooter that will attract both rookies and veterans of the genre thanks to a balanced, strategic and deep playable system of great versatility; A frenetic rhythm, a well-adjusted difficulty, a great sense of spectacularity and a satisfactory audiovisual section despite its flaws, constituting an admirable final brooch for the Tale of ALLTYNEX saga.
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