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You control a nameless and faceless protagonist, who starts in a white chamber in the center of a high-tech maze. Your goal is to move forward through the maze by solving many difficult and intricate puzzles. Antichamber reminds Portal game series and Cube films to some extent, but with more emphasis on puzzle solving, sketchy graphics, and very little plot. Unlike in Portal or Cube, the protagonist cannot die, even if the player fails. There are no traps, and the only penalty for failure is that you have to try again. The protagonist is armed with a variety of “guns”, each of them allows you to manipulate a certain set of objects in the maze.
Antichamber is defined by its impossible, non-euclidian geometry that bends 3D space in the ways not found in the real world. All the regular laws of physic do not apply in this place that seems to be straight out of M. C. Escher's drawings. Doors can become portals leading to an unpredictable place, or even different places, depending on how you enter them. The visual style of Antichamber is very minimalistic. Walls, doors, and ladders are only outlined with sketch-like black contours, while any color serves to attract the player's attention to a certain object. Everything else is blank white, which makes for a cold, neat atmosphere of a math exercise.

Release date
Alexander Bruce
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS:Windows XP SP2, Vista, or Windows 7
  • Processor:2.0+ GHz or better (dual core recommended)
  • Memory:2 GB RAM
  • Graphics:NVIDIA 8000 series or higher (Shader Model 3 Compatible)
  • DirectX®:9.0c
  • Hard Drive:1 GB HD space
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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Antichamber reviews and comments

Interesting little explorey mindfυck.
Translated by
Microsoft from French
Hi gamers! What can be real? What differentiates the ireal from the real? Many questions emerge after finishing Antichamber. When a game like this one manages to manipulate our perception, it is that it is not a conventional game... Good, I love it! Antichamber is a puzzle game in first person view and went out early 2013. We are thrown into an unknown complex, and as far as I can remember no purpose is stated to us. This kind of game is a gem for me on every plan. We can certainly not speak of history or even of universes because completely absent from this work. But on the other hand we can talk about atmosphere and sensation because the game plays with us as much as the player on the game. All this did not require interpretation because it would interfere with the sensory experience that the game offers us. Nothing in the game will tell you what's going on. The only help is materialized in the form of panels giving you advice, which will not hesitate to make you doubt more about your player condition. This kind of game are subtext nuggets on your membership in the real. And precisely the logo of the game shows us perfectly with its triangle of Penrose, because after all the optical illusions are they not irruptions of the unreal in the real? The whole game proves to be based on a non-Euclidean geometry system which would explain the world's weirdness and completely disfigure the physics of current JV's... I do not want to tell you more about this, and I am sure that not everyone will agree with me because everyone has a vision of things, and I leave you to your interpretations. The seemingly simple gameplay on the first few minutes will wake up ingenious in complexity, as everything relates to your environment. A soil that forms when you walk on the edge of a precipice. A door that only opens when you are back. And this is nothing compared to the multitude of other weirdness that will occur. All this will put a strain on your brain but you will not be able to stop smiling after releasing a big "WTF". From a certain time you will unlock a "gun" that will serve you to solve other Enigma from color cubes. All this by acquiring additional skills as and when. The game as said previously you loose without info. The game is not meant to be linear even if some place will be out of reach if you have not unlocked some things. There will still be a map for you to look at, but don't think it will make it easier for you to work. If you're pretty good the game should end in 5h, it's short but it's intense... For my part I find the game sublime, there is a pronounced artistic paw that installs an atmosphere. To get started, all the walls are white, which makes you crazy. But this white only amplifies the bright colors that come next. And this is the explosion, if you are like me, you will stop in front of each room to admire them like a painting. All this reinforces the idea that certain games can be art. And the special effects although discreet are not left out... It's crazy but it looks like the whole game was drawn by hand... I find it really refreshing to see people working hard to be able to impose their style. Plus the guy was alone so a huge Bravo... Finally, we can not really talk about music because they are only music of atmospheres, but it is possible to dwell on the sounds of the games that hold genius. The particularity of the sound is that it strengthens the sensation of the player. We will often have very sanitized noises, and then out of nowhere comes a forest atmosphere with noises of wind, animals... All this will blur the player's senses, because here it is the real that intervenes in the ireal. Pure genius. BALANCE sheet: the +-very interesting atmosphere-game in the heart of the senses-bizzare gameplay but fresh-good surprises of dev-graphics and colors that hold art-very good use of sound Les--Court all the same-not going to please everyone-can PE odgings the player sometimes I certainly forget many things as this game is rich but I give you a small condensed of what pleases me in there. After all this I can only invite you to buy Antichamber to forge your own vision on this game. It is possible that you do not like it and I hope that this criticism will help you to know if you want to test it. It is true that I am rarely objective and I apologize. But I think the video game offers a unique experience for everyone and this game is the perfect example.
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