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This game was designed in order to utilize it for a psychology research project at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. This is an early draft of the game; however, it has gone through game testing before being put on this website. Any feedback that could be addressed before using this game in live research would be appreciated so that the participants could enjoy the game as much as possible. This is my first game, and I know that it is not very good, but I would love feedback on how to make it better. 

The small town of Arcadia is a peaceful town with very few things that ever go wrong. That being said, there are plenty of odd jobs that need to be done around the town whether that be done your father, the bar owner, or any of the other townsfolk. Not only this, but the daughter of the town elder has gone missing recently! After you have helped others you may be allowed to help as well. The elder is quite distraught by this, but may not be willing to let you help unless you convince him. You must search through the mysteries that may be found in the depths of the elder's home in hopes of finding his lost daughter.

The name of the game is Arcadia and it is an RPG style game where you, as the hero, go through a small town trying to help the townsfolk in every way that you can. Throughout the game you learn new abilities that will help you move throughout the world and complete your final quest. The game is rather short on content as of now, but could be expanded in the future if it is found to be too short and in need of more content. However, the game is intended to take between 20-45 minutes so there cannot be too much added if we wish to stay within that threshold. Any feedback, positive or negative, would be appreciated as long as it is constructive!

Release date
Mar 16, 2019
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Not rated
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