Army General reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Am rather divided according to the current State of affairs. On The one hand, I like a lot of great Approaches to the game Mechanics on the other hand, I'm bothered by numerous Operating difficulties. The "Recommendation" here is more likely to be regarded as provisional and allows for a benevolent addition To future Improvements in the interface. Positives:-Personally, I like the antiquated Graphics. Reminds Me of old Tank general Times. -Modification possibilities of the Units: They can be set up either as small Regiments or as large Divisions. For this purpose, 1-2 Additional Battalions such as Flamethrowers, additional Shooters, etc., can be added. -Each Unit gets its own Officer from an available Officer Pool, which can be rudimentary to influence. In This way, new Officers can be unlocked by Additional Targets or, after a successful Mission, you alternatively opt for Additional Resources or Additional Officers. -Missions play their way down (at least so far) ... Negatives:-... But sometimes too brisk. I hope that more extensive Missions will be added as the Campaign progresses. -The Quality of a User Interface is defined by its Intuitivity. In other Words, Ideally you can do without a Glance at the Manual And without waiting For Flashpoints. This is not how it works at all. Supplies and Reinforcement Allocation are unnecessarily bulky solved by several Clicks (first click on a Plus, then confirm on a Hook button). The entire Unit menu would have been better solved via a separate, right-click activated context menu with a short Drop-down List. -When The Troop Is set Up at the Beginning of the mission, units are suddenly no Longer Able to be set up when the Units are clicked alternately and the Screen is scrolling. Extremely annoying! -In General, the short, Concise Target Formulations in the Game are sufficient. At Notnevents, however, the Information is so patchy that the Player is only confused. Example: Later in The Axis Campaign, the British Launch a Counter-attack to the Discharge of Tobruk. One is asked to divert from his Core Force a Defensive Association consisting of 6 EInunits. AN SO ONE WORLD MUST BUT KLAR FORMULIERT WORLD, HOW IT DAERCH WEITERGEHT! Because I have puzzled here:-whether you only play with the Partial Association afterwards. In that Case, I would have used only the best Units. -whether the Defense Association is used only once and is then lost for the Core Force. In that Case, I would have taken the worst Units. -or whether the two Associations will be merged again later. In that Case, you can select the Units on how to be funny. Sorry, but information gaps make me really fuchy. Something that is essential. Nevertheless, these are all remediable Problem Areas. That is why I first make a Recommendation.