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Art Thief was a game created by students in the Fall of 2017 at California Institute of the Arts for the CalArts Game Makers Club.  

Fresh-faced security guard Olive defends the museum from a nefarious art thief.  She must gather clues, solve puzzles, craft items, and listen to the many woes of the museum’s colorful cast of employees, artworks, and enemies.


  • Katherine "Green" Ohlson - Director, Artist
  • Nathan Ho - Programmer, Composer, Writer, Artist
  • Lily Windsor - Artist
  • Whitney Yuen - Artist
  • Isa Hanssen - Artist
  • Marley Townsend - Writer
  • Toby Do - Writer
  • Travis Nishii - Writer
  • Holland Sangster - Writer, Composer
  • Roy Berardo - Composer
  • Kyle Cooke-Gilbert - Composer
  • Yuri Gause - Composer
  • Jeff Huang - Producer
  • Théotime Vaillant - Producer
  • Vince De La Torre - Producer
Release date
CalArts GameMakers
Age rating
Not rated

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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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Art Thief reviews and comments

It's a cute little short game! Ah - and it's free! I like the art of it - it's very simple, sketchy. It's not difficult and it's not boring. I like the little details about why you shouldn't the art - even though later we interfere with it - and the reflections about art being or not good. In the end it's a really cute and nice experience that warms the heart and winks at artists, museologists, and people who have studied or worked for preservation and restoration of art.

I would really love if I could see this game being developed into something bigger. Keeping the sketchy art that reminds us of the art sketches, educating on art history through the interactions with the paintings, maybe (as in the art movements, and stuff).

It's a really nice little game and I'm glad to have played it.
«Sit back and relax»
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