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Art Thief review
by superlifi

It's a cute little short game! Ah - and it's free! I like the art of it - it's very simple, sketchy. It's not difficult and it's not boring. I like the little details about why you shouldn't the art - even though later we interfere with it - and the reflections about art being or not good. In the end it's a really cute and nice experience that warms the heart and winks at artists, museologists, and people who have studied or worked for preservation and restoration of art.

I would really love if I could see this game being developed into something bigger. Keeping the sketchy art that reminds us of the art sketches, educating on art history through the interactions with the paintings, maybe (as in the art movements, and stuff).

It's a really nice little game and I'm glad to have played it.
«Sit back and relax»