Autumn Light

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It's an unusually warm evening for October. 

The warmth from my layers of jumper, coat and the lack of breeze makes me feel like I'm inside, not outside.

I haven't listened to music much while walking recently, but now with my earphones in the street noises fade away and I retreat slightly from reality.

The warm air with golden autumn light glares against my vision, pushing me further away from reality and it feels like a dream.

I zone out as people fly by, blurs of office shirts and Halloween evening wear.
The music seeps through me, emanating beautifully and I stare into dreamspace reality.

My thoughts wander over my future, and where I might go, what I might do and who I'll miss when I go there.
I view my fears and try to see them from the outside, not the inside.
The fear of the unknown in a known that I long for. 
The beginning and the end merge and there's a melding of dream and reality.

I look up and see a thousand tiny flies, dancing and glowing in the autumn sunset. I never would have seen them without that illumination.

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Claire Morley
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Not rated
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Last Modified: Apr 17, 2020

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