Aye Aye, Captain!

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Take to the sea while on a dangerous patrol aboard a submarine. Follow the Captain's orders and you might make it home in one piece...

// Last Update 25/12/16 //

-Added an Android apk to test. It works on my tablet at least - needs testing with more. Seems a bit slow as well so I'm looking into that.

-If the shields are down and the boat is hit by a torpedo, it will start taking on water and flooding

-The speed of this etc. still needs adjusting and there is no limit to how high the water level can rise yet, or any penalty for taking on water.

// Previous Update 07/11/16 //

- Completing the tutorial now starts a VERY early version of what the main game will be.

- Jellyfish and enemy torpedos will be created randomly whenever the boat is not moving vertically and continue to do so forever...

- Jellyfish only appear if the boat is moving forward and completely drain the shield whenever they are hit (there are so many of them it drains the battery maybe? Not decided on that yet)

- Torpedos knock off one bar from the shield each time they hit. In future updates they will start causing leaks in the boat's hull that they player needs to fix before the boat floods and they drown.

- The captain is now animated slightly when talking

- Next update - Either there will be more variety in the captain's orders (fire bow torpedo, decrease speed, ping sonar etc.) or I will have the hull leaks/flooding working. Or both!

// Previous Update 24/10/16 //

- The tutorial is starting to take shape, most of the systems on the submarine work and the the actual game can - hopefully - start to come together now.

- Still working out the Captain's dialogue for the tutorial. I don't want too much text but it should be enough so people understand what they are doing and why.

-Backgound/Sea surface isn't finished or animated yet - it will have splashes etc when the boat surfaces.

- Going to have more crew working in the background, although they won't actually affect gameplay.

-Next goal is to get the main gameplay loop working - incoming torpedos, destroyers etc and start on a damage system for the submarine

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Ryan Johnston
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Not rated

System requirements for PC

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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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