B⁴ - Block-Breaking Block Breaker

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B⁴ - Block-Breaking Block Breaker

Break all the blocks. Please. What else is there to do? Nothing, that's what. Not sure you can survive long enough to see the end of it though. I dare you. I double dare you. I triple-no! I QUADRUPLE dare you. Cause there's 4 Bs in the title and I thought that'd be funny. Seriously though, there's 7 levels of pure masoch... fun!! I mean fun. Now go have fun, dammit!!

2017-11-08 [Web build and stand-alone versions available]

2017-11-08 [The 'Quit' function doesn't work on the web build, obviously]

2017-11-08 [v2.00 uploaded]

-v2.00 changelog:

  • improved paddle; this should make the game way easier and, hopefully, beatable.
  • particle system implemented; it's a really simple one, but it does the job. I mean it emits particles so that's cool.

2017-11-08 [v2.01 uploaded}

-v2.01 changelog:

  • upgrade to Unity 5
  • WebGL build replacing the original web build

(game developped following the Udemy Complete Unity C# Course)

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Cyril Malec
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Not rated
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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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