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This is a Demo, this is not the full game!


Welcome to Backrealm a game that follows the story of Jake Rivera. Jake was always your normal Joe, but after he developed his power to warp into the Backrealm, a bloodier, creepier world that contains dangers that could kill Jake in seconds. A company that goes by the name of I^3 hired Jake to use his abilities to infiltrate facilities for important information. Jake never was very strong or heroic, so when he sneaks around these guarded facilities he may have to warp into the backrealm to both avoid guards, and unlock doors that were previously locked. Follow Jake in this stealth game with a twist.

Main Mechanics

In the game Backrealm you can switch between realms to avoid both the guards and the evils that lurk in the within. Be careful though, if you abuse the use of the Backrealm too much you'll be stuck there until your energy is back to normal values. 

Any references of the Backrealm or how the game looks are all displayed on the right.


    Movement is normal, you use WASD to move, and the mouse is free.

Left-Ctrl is a way to enter the Backrealm.

Right now there is no pause feature so to exit you'll have to tab out and close it. This is because this is a way for feedback not bringing in traffic.

Version Notes

- Added a "Consequence Bar" which makes sure you can't spam the backrealm ability. When its white you are stuck in the backrealm, if its green you can go back.

- Removed the Fog of War aspect of the game, Reason: Major Major performance issue

- Made monster(s) faster upping their movement speed to 700 uu's

- Improved performance significantly


- This is a demo as mention above.

- The monsters model and animations are currently being changed, sorry for the placeholder model

- UI and a Main Menu are being implemented

- Sound and Music are also being implemented.

Please tell me any feedback that you believe would help for the game's design in my discord server, I'll start posting updates and asking questions about the games design to anybody who joins! 

Discord Link:

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Not rated
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Last Modified: Aug 6, 2019

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