Backrooms: Ascension DEMO

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Another Backrooms game.

Sure, why not? You need to collect... Collectables, and escape the Backrooms without being killed by the robotic entities that roam this enclosed area. Utilize your sprint, hiding spots, and the twisty hallways to your advantage just incase you get spotted.

You learned of a spot on Earth where you could break reality and essentially noclip into the Backrooms freely, however to re-enter your normal life you must collect all power orbs. It's a bit of a setback. Question is, what do the orbs do and what are they capable of doing in regular reality? Can they be used as a nice ornament in your living room, or are they a true supernatural entity?... 

Well you won't find out in the demo, only in a full game which may or may not be created depending on motivation and time. 

There's 4 different difficulty levels, each with their own variables.

Don't expect fanfare when you beat a level, it's mostly just based on fun.

Everything custom made, rigged, animated & coded by me.

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System requirements for PC

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Last Modified: Jun 13, 2022

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