Backslash Mountain

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This game has nothing to do with mountains. Or backslashes.

This is a stupid game I made on Twine.

Will you be a wizard attempting to sell hand lotion to a ravishing dinosaur?
Will you be a Roomba, plotting for the destruction of humanity?
Will you create a creature that was never meant to be seen by the eyes of man?
Will you become one with Film Noir?
Or will you be an angsty snail leaving hateful comments on YouTube videos?
All this and more is possible if you play the game!

This my first attempt at a game. I mostly just like telling stories, so I kinda suck at making things look nice (By the way, all art is made by me, in the most quality of programs: MS Paint). Lots of different choices though. Take your time exploring your options.

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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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