Backstab (Josué "Martelo" Silvério)

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# Backstab

> The most "It's OK" game of the event

I could say that this is a metaphor for life and how you can be backstabbed by yout friends, but we both know I would be lying. Prepare for the game that let's you backstab your friends and get away with it **without real-life consequences** (at least we hope so)!

## The Idea
Backstab began when we were thinking of **bad** game ideas. We came up with the idea of a stealthy arcade-y game where you and a friend battle until one of you gives up (yes, one of you **needs** to give up, the game has no end). 

## How it works
Just boot up the game on our [<!-- add link to itch io when it's up] and you're ready to play!<br/>### Controls
Player 1

 - A/D to move
 - W to jump
 - G to attack

Player 2
-  Left/Right arrows to move
 - Up arrow to jump
 - Numpad dot/Right CTRL to attack

## Real-life quotes
> It's not that bad
-- Our mothers

>It's the best game ever!!
>-- Guy we gave some money

>I want to go to bed
>-- Us


Release date
Josué "Martelo" Silvério
Age rating
Not rated
Backstab (Josué "Martelo" Silvério) screenshot, image №1876386 - RAWG
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Last Modified: Mar 25, 2019

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