Band of Defenders reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
So, before us game from the creators of the shooter-bagel Killing Room, which I personally delivered a lot of unforgettable experiences. Let's see what we will see in the new creation from Alda Games: Pros:-You can play alone or in a coope. -In Principle, usable graphics and decent animation. The Game on Unity, but all the action (running, jumping) are felt adequately, the feeling that you ride on the ice or oil is not. -Arsenal of weapons even though not as impressive as in another famous rental shooter Killing Floor 1/2, but I basically liked it. Even the Wintorez, loved by many fans of Stalker, brought. -A Variety of enemies, from hordes of raiders to mutants with machine guns and rocket launchers. -The Game is to some extent ridiculed postapocalyptic setting. -There are Loutboxes, but you can retire them (and you need to) just passing the game. Cons:-The Card is selected automatically. You cannot select a location from the menu. -I would like to see the dismemberment of a la Killing Floor 1/2. -The Soundtrack is so-so. Bottom Line: A Decent arcade shooter with a bias in the tower-defence, one to play may be boring, but the coop will be fun. So boldly put the game 7/10.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
I would recommend the Game to anyone who likes to be Round-based to protect something. Depending on the Level of difficulty, you fight 9-10 Rounds against many different opponents. These opponents try to destroy the Center (any Object) at the end each wave starts the Construction Time (this is very short) only during the Construction Period you can build weapons Tower Medis etc. And put. In the Last Wave you hit against a Boss these are all very different. All are very easy to defeat except The Shaman who can boost the Mobs around Boosts that then blow neatly. Here are some reasons why you should buy "Band of Defenders"!!! Pros-power mega fun solo/Koop Man gets a Box after EVERYONE won ROUND where you get SKINS and other Things you need in the Fight against the Opponents. After each Lvl, you also get a Box. It's not P2w and skins you can buy "yet" you don't have to get these. There are several Boss Monsters and many mob Types. Contras-There are an extremely many Bugs [but the Game is new;)] such as load bug, invisible Opponents, sound bugs, which some Players can only joine into Battle from Round 2 Onwards. On the Difficulty Level hard come several Bombers (is not bad) but when these blow up is all 1hit you have no Chance although we Build up 2 Layer of Baricads always and upgrade this to max. The bombers are far too Strong as they come mainly in a Gear and in the same Time with the Shedding. There are still few Players. My last Counterpoint is that there is an extremely high Addictive Factor because you want to get these Boxes. (Sry because of the Mistakes:D)