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Product received for free Bardbarian Is an RPG Tower defense of TreeFortress Games In Bardbarian, the Player plays a barbaric Bard who protects his Village with the Help of his enchanting Metal Powers. Main Menu: In the Main Menu, the Player is greeted by the blonde bard, some of his Cronies and a few nasty Opponents. This Main Menu can be run in two different Modes. Normal and Halloween. The Main Menu is clear, there are four selectable riders: Settings, play, Credits, Exit. The Main Menu is interactive, when the Mouse moves, the Background also moves. There is even something to discover, but this is something the Player should find out for himself. Game Modes: There are 2 Main Modes: Normal and Nightmare, these differ in their Difficulty. In these Main Modes, the Player protects his Village, upgrades it and buys useful Things. There are 20 Waves, all five Waves appear one or more Boss Opponents. There Are still Mini-games in these Game Modes. "Infinite": Here the Player runs through an endless Level and tries to avoid all Unpleasant things. "Survival": The Player is in a Level with limited Space and tries to survive as long as possible. More and more Opponents are spawn. Sometimes cronies, Bacon (heals 25% live) and Notes (necessary to cast Spells) also Spawn, with the Help of which survival is to be ensured. "Day 2": Day 2 is an unlockable Mode in which the Waves continue from the Main Game. Difficulty: The Difficulty of the Game varies only slightly between "Normal" and "Nightmare," the decisive factor here is more how far you have progressed in the Game and how many Cronies you have already unlocked. Graphic: Bardbarian has a fun comic graphic that fits the Game and supports the Atmosphere. Music: In Bardbarian only plays alternative Rock and Metal in the Background, which suits our hard Bard very well. The few Pieces of music are very well done and an Ear Candy for every metal fan. Fun: Bardbarian is not only briefly Fun in between, it is also suitable for longer game Sessions and even makes you a little addictive When, like me, you always scratch off in the last Wave * hust *. Game Time: Personally, at the Time of this Review, it took me 10.7 Hours to get all The Achievements. An average Player is likely to take between 5 and 7 Hours. As a result, playing Time is limited. Price/Performance: €8€ is a Rod of Money for most tower defense Games. But due to the large Amount of Content, Gameplay and damn well-made graphics and Music, it's worth buying Bardbarian. Achievements: There are 22 Achievements, most of which can be achieved within a very short Period of time, the last achievements can be if you are as stupid as I am, some Time in coming. You can then play longer for that. Main Menu: 9/10 Game Modes: 10/10 Difficulty: 7/10 Graphic: 8/10 Music: 8/10 Game Fun: 10/10 Game Time: 6/10 Price/Performance: 9/10 Total Score: 8/10 If you liked this Review, check out the other reviews of our Curator Group! over and out!