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Bathory - The Bloody Countess

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The name of Elizabeth Bathory is associated with blood and fear. But now, few centuries later her story seems to receive a thrilling continuation. Get down to the bottom of the legend and save your sister in Bathory: The Bloody Countess, an eerie hidden object puzzle game.

Your little sister has always loved mysteries and adventures, and that's why she became an archaeologist. But ever since she was summoned to excavations in east Slovakia, Rose suffered terrible nightmares of a dark hooded figure. Anxious about her last letter, you come to see her just to find out that she vanished. Now it's up to you to learn the truth behind the ancient legend of the Countess Dracula before her castle claims another victim.


- Trendy hand-drawn artwork
- Superb hidden object locations with variable item list
- Crafty puzzles and brain-twisters
- Compelling storyline and blood-chilling effects
- Earn coins to purchase tools and more

The history of almost every country has a controversial figure whose sins and virtues have been debated for centuries. While most of the world knows Elizabeth Bathory as the ruthless serial killer, many biographers still claim that she was slandered. Taking a twist on different theories and speculations, this hidden object adventure game appears a stunning entanglement of legends and evidence, history and magic.

Dare to enter the world where myth and fantasy are interwoven, where heathen beliefs and rituals are still a commonplace. Challenge your i-spy skills as you decipher secret messages and uncover ancient manuscripts. Explore mesmerizing locations of a remote village lost in the Carpathians and search for clues in beautifully drawn seek-and-find scenes. Collect gold coins and buy various goods to help you crack the mind-twisting riddles and escape the deadly contraptions of the medieval keep.
Release date
Absolutist Ltd.
Absolutist Ltd.
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 98, XP, Vista, 7
  • Processor: 800 Mhz
  • Memory: 256 MB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 7.0
  • DirectX: Version 7.0
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Bathory - The Bloody Countess reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from French
Not! We cannot recommend such a game. I really enjoyed the graphics and the musical atmosphere but it stops there. I had gone on a historical-based scenario that made the occult option and I ended up with a vague history of potion to create from scattered elements. The disappointment is immense. But if there was only that... as it says in another evaluation, the player is forced to type the same hidden object scenes repeatedly! At the beginning to find indispensable objects then to accumulate coins that allow, sometimes to buy items to the merchant of the village, sometimes to buy a clue. And this is where the game still fishing: the follow-up and the logic often makes so little appeal to the reason that one has to choose between walking around in all the places and click a little everywhere to the little happiness the chance to unlock the sequel. You might as well have a few money to click on the "hint" button; which, in addition to being a confession of weakness, is very frustrating. My verdict: tedious as possible. A boring game (oxymoron)! I won't even be able to get ideas for a role-playing scenario, or just the basic idea, a climax. Too bad, it was nice...
Translated by
Microsoft from French
So there like that at first glance, I understand the negative feedback, especially since mine was clearly gone to be. Let's say that in the dopey genre it arises there. The myth of the Countess of Bathory has something to salivate while... to the beginnings of this hidden object game, one would rather tend to have a dry or Pasty mouth. The move marker to start: the directional arrows are really discreet and just on the starting place it took me a while before I found my way on the left side of the screen to join the shop more than useful of our good old Merchant. Moreover, just to back it is a galley... We are offered a "return" button. So even if it does not seem very serious, you might as well say that it is not instinctive at all! Damn! Well, after let's say we have to go groped and let talk our adventurer side eh. The interactive areas are not clearly identified, you will have to click everywhere...! And that's where the "help" button comes in. Even if the indications are quite present and the ideas hold the road, sometimes you will feel foggy see clearly lost. He then holds his part and is going to be asked a lot of times. For the bravest who refuse... have fun, I am admiring my brave! Synopsis now: your dear sister, rose, archaeologist, you wrote to tell you that she made a discovery and that I need you to join her to estimate the value of a gemstone. But when you arrive, nobody! And in the distance, a cursed Castle...! For summary, this game comes out of the ordinary since it offers a system of money to buy equipment at the shop in order to get you decoincer several times. To do so you will have to replay the SOC (they come in the form of lists of four objects that scroll as you find them). You might as well say that with five scenes in everything and for everything, you quickly went around. However, between the decorations, the ambiance and the Visual that seduced me, I want to put a little more for his audacity. It's a short-lived (2H) adventure that repeatedly asks you to come back to your steps. But as the map is small and the few scenes finally it is not very painful. The puzzles are not hard but original, the SOC are quickly taken in hand and yet this game did not disliking me. Not to pay full price that said...
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