Battlefleet Engineer reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from French
Early access review Battlefleet engineer is a game where we build his own fleet of ships in order to conduct large scale battles in space, the game is really nice in the sense where there is a Publisher to create everything be even, ships , fights, type of fleet and edit your own level. the game is still little known but I liked the concept and then has 4.99 (excluding balances) is rather given. Positive points:-build your own ships, weapons, chassis ect. -Level editor included-sometimes immense battles, debris from ships everywhere-the strategic aspect of the battle (a good ship placement often makes the difference) the negatives:-a bit daunting, we would have liked an interface a little PL us clear for vessel maneuvering-the FPS that fall in the big battles when zooming in on the fights (GTX 1060 6Gb, 16gb RAM) otherwise the game is worth trying at least once, and is really complete at the construction level. All in all I recommend! :)
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Microsoft from Russian
Early Access Review A Man tries and seems to sometimes codit. But most likely one day it was especially cold and lyuto on the street and therefore there was something immediately nakeno and for some reason it is here published, that not lost, and even for modest Finnish pretty penny at once (and for the west at once-for their five) that no one exactly shook. It is Not clear that, it is not clear why, but it is clear that it is definitely not some game or something even closely similar, with at least some slightest prospect (alas, the peak online for the last year-2 (two!). And all the losers are right: This is Nifiga not a game of some kind. Yes 99% Of all that Published on Ludum Dare (and if run of course)-more game than this. And, Hei Tomi, published there for free, pancake. Hi to him if he read and thus learns that publish something like that you can (need) for free, and not take money, when no one is interested and nobody even knows about it. And in the steam is the opposite, the companions with the theme of steampunk and side view, as well as pixel and personally-Cthulhu-and they are much more successful with their simulator in the same theme-"Zadizajn your Fleet + strategy", and they even announced the success and completion of the EA recently. And they had the game immediately was a game, let and much more Badgovanna, but the review is not about them of course. But There is some nonsense, the purchase of which this winter is explained only by the fact of having already a year as a cherry in some way and, at the same time, news that this winter in Finland canceled halal payments of money from the government. These are the only reasons you can decide to pay for it. So, Tomi, give me back the dollar then somehow if you don't do anything about it, so that the next year's online will reach the mark of three people unreachable this year.