Beastblade Hunter

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This is an imitation of Monster Hunter, reimagined in 2D.

You are a hunter. Your role is to serve the village troubled by the presence of a powerful beast. Slay the beast, and obtain the Beastblade!

This is just a fan game featuring the Great Sword, monsters, and randomly generated environments! It's all about timing Great Sword strikes, dodging monster attacks, farming and upgrading weapons!


  • Amateur art. Hope this style grows on you!
  • Random generated map that changes every hunt.
  • Casual & digestible game length, up to 8 hours to complete.
  • Hunt, loot, and upgrade over 26 weapon choices using 40 materials.
  • Monster Hunter aesthetics, in 2D!
  • Two game modes available: Normal Mode & Quest Mode
  • Free, since this is a fangame developed as a hobby.

In Normal Mode, you can freely collect materials, forge any weapons, and equip any weapons. Complete quests at your leisure to advance. Slay the beast, and obtain the Beastblade!

In Quest Mode, weapon choices are predetermined for each quest. You can still upgrade, but you won't have access to other weapons. Potions are refilled every quest. Players can simply fight without grinding! This game mode is for players looking for a challenge, and provides the opportunity to battle monsters based on skill. May result in shorter playtime, but again, access to weapons choices are limited.

No copyright infringement intended. This is a fan game! Music and sound effects are credited to CAPCOM's Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, whereas specific subset of sound effects are credited to Core concept based on Monster Hunter series. Programming and artworks are original by Kin Gwn Lore.

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Last Modified: Apr 6, 2020

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